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Technology is an abstruse sword that upgrades itself and provides benefit to society as well as some troubles with it. The majority of people take advantage of technology and benefit themselves. But some people are there who make this technology a curse for all to fulfill their ill intentions. The security camera by DSTV Repairs Cape Town is one such invention that is used at home and other commercial places to ease our lives.

CCTV has the advantage as well as disadvantages too. It helps those who have installed the cameras by keeping the place safe and solving the problem of late attendance and less productivity in the office. DSTV Repairs provides a wide range of products. But cameras have some disadvantages too.

Advantages of Using CCTV at Home as well as in Business Setups

Knowledge about crime – The most widely use of CCTV cameras is to stop or control crime. Place having security cameras makes the place less prone to crime as there is a chance identity will be disclosed.

Monitoring activities- Cameras are available in different shapes and sizes. Spy cameras are tiny cameras that can be placed anywhere, and things get recorded automatically. As per the need, you can place the cameras and record.

Collect evidence: Cameras help in recording audio -video both for an event. Here the cameras help by being an important part of legal cases by providing exact and detailed scenarios of a particular case.

Help provide proper decisions: To settle legal disputes or cases, the cameras help by giving accurate details. These cameras provide non- fabricated videos so these videos or audiovisuals can be trusted.

Record keeping: Keeps day-to-day records of visitors or scenes inside the home or office setup. Date and time both are monitored in the audio-video visuals, so it becomes easy to know about the exact happening of a particular day.


Few Barriers of Using CCTV at Home as well as in Business Setups

Privacy: Everyone has the right to privacy. But the setting of cameras in offices sometimes invades the privacy of the employees. Employees dislike being constantly monitored and sometimes object to having under surveillance always without noticing their permission.

Costly: Installing and maintaining cameras are expensive, and these customers are compelled to install dummy cameras.

Susceptible: Dummy cameras are useless. Once criminals' figure-out their dummy camera, it becomes a danger for the customers. 

Theft cannot be stopped: Cameras record footage to be viewed later. It later helps in identifying criminals and taking action against them. But the problem is these crimes cannot be stopped while in progress. Cameras don't have an alarm system, and it's unsafe at times, and people lose hope and faith in cameras.

The Final Thought!

The wise thing to do before DSTV Installation Cape Town is to know about them before installing them. There are varieties of cameras available to cater to the needs of the customers. Once you know both advantages and disadvantages of the product, it becomes easy to purchase the product. To know more about CCTV varieties and other products kindly mail us at ( )

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