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More than 50% of individuals diagnosed with cancer undergo radiation therapy as part of their treatment journey. Radiation therapy employs high-intensity radiation to manage and control cancer. A radiation oncologist may also use radiation for therapeutic purposes, aiming to provide care or alleviate pain and alleviate other symptoms in cancer patients. The impact of radiation on cancer cells is through the damage it inflicts on their DNA, preventing these cells from dividing and proliferating. Radiation is effective specifically against cells that can undergo division.

How does radiation therapy treat cancer?

Cancer initiation occurs when healthy cells undergo changes and proliferate uncontrollably. Every cell in the body follows a cycle of creation, division, and duplication. Cancer cells accelerate through this process at a faster pace than normal cells. Radiation therapy damages the DNA of these cells, causing them to either cease growth or perish. Unlike other cancer treatments that impact the entire body, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy is predominantly a localized treatment. There exist various types of radiation treatments, each functioning uniquely to eliminate cancer cells.

Best oncologist in BLK Hospital Delhi offering cancer care with advanced knowledge to Yemen patient

Renowned for superior patient care and clinical outcomes, top radiation oncologist Dr S Hukku Delhi, is recognized for his expertise in cancer surgery. His dedicated efforts contribute to providing effective care and ensuring the best possible quality of life for patients from Yemen. Those seeking care for various types of cancer patient can take appointment with Dr S Hukku, who has a track record of serving over 2000 children and adults with different cancers, including complex cases, with utmost dedication and commitment. Top radiation oncologist Dr S Hukku Delhi extends his services to all Yemeni patients, striving to exceed their expectations and deliver quality care. As a nationally renowned expert, appointment with Dr S Hukku as he excels in identifying and understanding cancer at the biologic and genetic levels, his approach involves unlocking the molecular code of a Yemeni patient's disease, deciphering the factors that drive each cancer's growth, and determining effective strategies to halt it. Patients are encouraged to take appointment with Dr S Hukku, as his collective expertise results in improved outcomes, quicker responses, fewer side effects, and instills more hope for cancer patients from Yemen.

A Yemeni patient's healing journey with Dr. S Hukku, Delhi's leading radiation oncologist

Here is a journey of a Yemeni patient grappling with a severe illness and finding solace under the expert care of top radiation oncologist Dr S Hukku Delhi. Dr. Hukku's patient-centric and compassionate approach, coupled with advanced diagnostic methods, formed the foundation of a transformative treatment plan. The patient, choosing Dr. Hukku as their guiding force, experienced a collaborative and empowering journey. Dr. Hukku's expertise in radiation oncology, combined with personalized care, not only facilitated physical healing but also positively impacted the patient's emotional and mental well-being. The utilization of advanced technology in Delhi's medical hub further enhanced the comprehensive care environment. In essence, the Yemeni patient's story transcends medical intricacies, embodying resilience, hope, and triumph over adversity.

India cancer surgery service helps you ease your medical trip in India

At India cancer surgery service, we understand the challenges of traveling to another country, especially when one is unwell. We offer comprehensive assistance to international patients, aiming to alleviate the burdens associated with global travel. With a robust network of hospitals throughout India, we assure top-notch treatment from leading medical professionals. When seeking cost-effective treatment in India, our experienced experts, with years in the industry, and collaborations with highly esteemed doctors, ensure optimal care. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. S. Hukku through us, rest assured that we will take care of you and your loved ones, providing a sense of home away from home. To get appointment,

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