Do You Know Recruiting Is A Time Cost?

by Dan Carter Is there ever a perfect time?
Everyone says they hate selling, why do they make it so hard on themselves?

Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing are the same thing and there is no recruiting or selling when done the right way.

Sponsor to new referrals training one the main reason for many marketers cause to not have a very good at getting others that will work their program.

One problem with the build and grow a network marketing business is the misunderstanding between Retail marketing and Network marketing and member attempting to use Retail sales methods and apply that formula to build their Network marketing business.

Retail seller has no need connect with a customer as a Network marketers need to engage with a member that want to work directly with you an build their business.

The Retail Sales Person does need to ensure that his customer is satisfied with product or service that they purchase, however, should a customer not want to share that they love the service with others but will continue to use the product or service their business formula for a lifecycle of a customer is performing correctly.

Network marketing has a different formula for success to achieve results and build by building an organization. Your results are directly related to how well you are able to teach your referrals and learn who want to own their life.

This is where things get complicated. Your sponsor shares the compensation plan, great products or services and leave out that you need to sponsor in most program 3-5 and TEACH your new Referral that they need to SPONSOR and TEACH 3-5 with your help until they are able to SPONSOR and TEACH without your help.

This is where the break down with network marketing begin and the different stories that so many marketers that were willing to follow their sponsor into the world of network marketing.

It' really not your fault that you are not able to duplicate your sponsor because if you sponsor is a great seller and can bring in referrals daily and his referrals leave before the end of the month eventually your sponsor took a long way but ended up increasing how many fail.

There is a formula for success and it builds the relationship and never asked your referrals to learn how to sell. Competence, Effective, Reliable training and following the success formula you can build an organization that provides the lifestyle you deserve.

Instead of looking at how many you can recruit, focus on sponsor new members that want to own their life. Use a sports cliche, a player that plays for the name on the front of Jersey win championships. S players that play for the name on the back of the uniform may have some good games but one great player cannot defeat a great team.

That's what makes Network Marketing a winner once members learn that to earn the big cash they need an organization.

The best seller will wipe out because you can not teach a person that can sell ice to an Eskimo how to duplicate this. There is no formula for persuasion and an instinct that influence others to buy.

There is a Success Formula that can be taught and duplicated by anyone no matter what you've done. A Proven formula can be replicated because of it mathematically impossible not to repeat. 

You have a recipe to make the chocolate cake and no matter how hard you try as long as you mix all of the ingredients and set the oven at the temp and remove the cake pan from the oven at the time specified you end up with a chocolate cake.

When you follow the success formula you mix all your ingredient in the right order and create something that you own as you weed out people that do not want to own their life at this time.

The problem that Network marketer encounter recruiting is eliminated because you start out with a clearly different agenda. None of the people that you sponsor in your team are wanting to make a sale at this time.

They are ready to learn how to sponsor and teach their new member how to duplicate their activity. 

When you and your members all want your own team because you understand that making a sales is great but having your member learn to place on members that would like to build an organization that they can work any program in the future never have more month than they have cash coming in.

There is a saying in Real Estate that holds true for Network Marketing. Homeowners at some time will decide to sell their home and if you want to earn money in Real Estate you learn to get Owners that agree to allow you to List There Home to be sold. 

Why do you want to list homes because even if you do not find a buyer you still earn because you get half the funds no matter who find a buyer?

That's what makes Network Marketing so rewarding,  Armed with the 9 Core Elements, you can now apply them to all of your existing strategies and to new ones as you create them (see later).

I guarantee this will result in a massive improvement to the success of each strategy, which in turn obviously generates extra sales and profits for you and your business.

Here is the thing following the success formula will not cost you a single penny while reducing your retention and providing real support and training for your whole organization.

Yet your referral list is one of the most valuable assets your business will ever have. In other words, there’s G-O-L-D in your referral list… you just need to learn how to extract it!

I know for certain that if you’re NOT capitalising on your most valuable asset your referrals then you’re in for a REAL treat!

Are you ready to let the success formula become part of your DNA? 

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