Do you feed your cat regularly?

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The purring animals that you keep in your house as pets are well aware of their food habits and it is believed that they are great lovers of milk. Contrary to the belief, cats love the non-vegetarian foods very much. You would have seen that cats love to chase and eat smaller animals like mice, small birds or other petty creatures and this adds to the agreement that cats love non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian foods.

Now, the question that arises here is what correct feeding methods are, as far as your kitty is concerned, because cats, unlike other pets such as dogs, could be deceptive in their food consuming methods. Some bigger cats would be heedless of who is in their dining area while others may be too apprehensive and might run away leaving their food to stake, if a slight appearance of unknown person comes up. Therefore, it is very necessary for a cat-master to understand the behavior of cats that reside with them.

Here are some guidelines on cat grooming tips that help you understand the ways and methods to feed your cat:

Choosing food for a cat:

·         It is very necessary to understand the dietary requirements of a cat. Moderate, fully grown-up cats would require about 250 calories a day with a balance of all the vitamins and minerals in it. This could also depend upon the size of your cat, its weight and the activities it performs. As already mentioned, they love the carnivorous food items which include animal fats and proteins. This should be present in their food in an optimum level. One of the most important parts of the diet is water. A cat, unlike a dog, could perform a number of activities like climbing a fence, climbing a tree, chasing bids and jumping from one place to other in the house. These activities call for the need to stay hydrated and this could be well done by water. Therefore, water should be timely given to a cat.

·         It is the decision of a pet-keeper, whether to feed it with canned or fresh food. Watch the habits of the cat by giving it both types of food. Canned foods are about 80% water and these are less dense, providing fewer calories.  If it is comfortable with the dry food, go for it; else supplement the food with plenty of water. Dry foods are rich in calories and they could help increase the weight of your pet. Choose the food wisely according to its size.

·         Keep track of the quality of the food that you are purchasing. It should be according to the standards set for the animal. Do not opt for foods that contain artificial colors and preservatives. Also know what the content of the food is. Is it made up of chicken or fish items? Also, what is the percentage of meat in it?

·         The best quality food available for the cat is homemade food. It is fresh in nature and provides whole lot of nutrients that are required in the daily intake of a cat. Most importantly, it does not include any artificial preservatives or chemicals. Only a point of caution is to forbid the restricted items in a cat’s food that could harm it instead of providing it nutrients.

Fixing a schedule for feeding a cat:

·         A cat’s diet should be in a chronic manner so that it is happy and contended. Disturbing the schedule could pose various health problems to your pet, apart from making it stressful and restless.

·         Establish a balance in the amount of food that you are feeding it. This means that the fractions should be approximately equal in size. This would help you monitor its diet and food habits. Though there is a unique method to find out the amount in each portion, this could depend on the size, shape, age and activity level of your of your cat. If you are still confused about it, consult an animal diet expert or a vet.

·         For some cats, free-feeding could be a handy method, as this would allow it to eat as much as it is hungry. You could do it for small breed of cats or those who are malnourished.

·         If you have more than one cat, facilitate the usage of separate bowl for each one. A single bowl could create confusion in their minds creating what is phrased as ‘Cat’s fight’.

·         Avoid giving it too many appetizing rewards. It is good that your cat is following you and obeying your commands but too many treats a day could harm its digestive system causing innumerable problems. It could also make it obese. You would not want a pet that is sluggish and lethargic, not able to follow your commands at a later stage.

Some food items at home should be completely restricted for the cat because these are very dangerous for its health. These food items include:

´        Milk and dairy products: Though you cat may love the idea of drinking milk, it is better not to feed it with the same. Milk and other dairy products could cause diarrhea and digestive malfunctioning.

´        Grapes and raisins: Grapes and raisins could cause damage in the kidney of your pet.

´        Bread dough: Bread dough could be critical for your pet, as it could get stuck in the stomach and if it contains live yeast, it is all the more dangerous.

´        Human Chocolates: Chocolates and other sweet food items should be kept out of reach of cats as they are dangerous for the skin.

´        Onion and Garlic: These vegetables could cause disorders relating to the blood and blood vessels, such as anemia.


·         Take into consideration, the age of your cat. Different age levels may require different food portions. When it is smaller in size, if possible, let it feed on its mother’s milk. As it grows, try to give food in small portions at regular intervals of day. When it turns to be a grown-up animal, feed it twice a day with measured amount of items lest it turns out to make your cat obese and sluggish. When it turns old, it requires fewer calories as the activities cease to happen compared to those when it was young. Feed it once a day and if required, give small portions. This would serve its consumption needs.

With these simple cats’ grooming tips relating to their food, could help your pet stay healthy and happy.  They would rule out the chances of disorders and in turn, offer you a complete pet.

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