Do Online Employment Assessment Tests Really Improve Hiring Outcomes?

by Kristen White Blogger

Throughout any recruitment process, employers try to gather all kinds of relevant information about the candidates as possible. But the traditional methods of getting to know the candidates through resumes and interviews often do not produce a proper understanding. Nowadays, resumes are very unreliable containing misleading statements. Similarly, normal unstructured interviews usually serve as poor forecasters of how the candidate will perform in the actual job scenario. This is why more and more companies nowadays are inclined to conduct a proper pre-employment test that helps evaluate a candidate.

About Pre Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are designed to measure whether the candidate is the right fit for the particular job. This test is conducted before a candidate reaches the stage of a personal interview. Multiple pre-employment tests can be conducted online. Nowadays, large corporates outsource this task to various third parties to take care of the entire process. To make the process even more convenient, these third party agencies even conduct the tests through mobile apps, so that the candidates can take their tests on the move.

Benefits of relying on pre-employment assessment test

· Perfect for measuring the performance - Online pre-employment assessment tests use some of the most sophisticated tools for measuring the level of a candidate’s ability to fit in the job role.  Some companies also monitor the candidates through video chatting options while they take the test. This ensures that the prospective candidate has not used any unfair means while completing the test. This has proved to be one of the best ways to assess the job fitment level of a candidate.


· Proves to be more efficient - Pre-employment tests involve, rigorous screening of hundreds of applications and eliminating the candidates who do not fit into a particular job role. This lets the HR team focus on other important tasks and not waste time in the initial screening. Online tests also save you from the trouble of fixing up a venue thus saving your cost and time.


· Eliminates manual mistakes – The online pre-employment test being an automated screening process does not need human intervention. This makes the process of evaluation error-free and reduces the chances of missing out on any qualified candidates in the shortest amount of time. The online pre-employment assessment tests also provide a detailed report that helps to divide the results quickly. Thus online tests are an excellent error-free evaluation and hiring method that can help you locate the right talent for the job opening.


· Round the clock access – Because pre-employment tests are taken online, they can be taken anytime. So, the candidate can take the tests in their free time. This is convenient for both the employer and the candidate.

Why us

At eSkill, we offer the most accurate online employment assessment test for measuring the skill gap of a candidate and minimizing the hiring risk and cost. We combine behavioral assessments, skill tests, and video interviews for a seamless experience.

We have been in this field for more than 15 years and have assessed millions of candidates. Hence, we have the largest assessment catalog on the market. You get to select from more than 800 standard job-based and subject-based tests or even customize relevant tests from thousands of subject matters across numerous job functions. Our test coverage is the broadest in the industry across many areas like IT, Business Administration, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare, Call Center and many more.

At eSkill, you get to export the test score data of each candidate into your HR systems and then present it in a customized manner using your logo and branding in your portal. We also have a Savings Calculator that helps you get an estimate of how much money you can save using our pre-employment assessments. We also provide 24x7 support to ensure that the assessment tests of your candidates meet your needs.