Do I have a good enough credit score?

by John S. Pubisher

I think we can all agree on one thing: a good credit score is always good for you and it opens a lot of doors. Lenders feel more comfortable giving you loans because they know you're trust-worthy and its far easier for you to ask even for higher loans.

You have proved your "creditworthiness" and now you have started to receive a lot of promotional offers, rewards programs and even low interest rates. That sounds amazing, however, with which cards can you possibly achieve this dream?

There are a few cards that can get you an amazing credit score and with which you can never disappoint. We know how confusing choosing a card is due to all of their advantages, that's why we're here to help and to give you clear and straight ideas.

1. Cash Back - This is a unique type of card as it offers a percentage of the purchases you make refundable. What that means, is that if you have, let's say a cash back card that gives you 5% back from your supermarket purchases and gasoline, every time you purchase one of these your rebate will add up. For example, if you've spent 150$ on groceries and gasoline every week for the whole year, you'll be able to take back 350$ at the end of the year. It might not be a lot, but it can make a huge difference!

2. Airline/Flyer Mile Rewards - This is for our travelers that either go on trips due to their work, to relax or simply to have fun with their friends, this card is for them. Same with cash back, you get points, however, you get them for traveling this time. Your points will add up depending upon the number of miles you travel. So, after a number of points have been gathered, you will start receiving huge discounts and you will earn frequent flyer miles toward discounts. So if you're a traveling enthusiast, you sure need to get your hands on this card!

3. Gas Cards - We all know the struggle of having to pay for gas and the gas prices always going up, from week to week. It's frustrating and to know that you spend thousands of dollars on gas yearly, you might even have a headache. Same as the others, you earn points. You earn them by making gas purchases. When you gather enough of them, you will get a prepaid gas card which will give you discounts for each purchase and you may even receive some free merchandise.

4. Rewards Points - This is by far one of the most advantageous type of card because as you gather points, you can receive discounts and free items. It works the same way as with Cash Back, however, instead of getting your money back, you will instead receive free merchandise, huge discounts or even reduced gas prices. If you're always shopping for things either for your family or for someone else, you can choose this card so you can frequently receive free products and discounts on different things.

There isn't a card that can rule them all, each one has its different benefits and its logic honestly. If you had one card with all these benefits you'd have to pay way more in terms of taxes and God knows what else, that's why our advice is to settle upon one kind of these credit card and use it as frequently as possible so you can get the most out of it.

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