Digital Marketing 2019: What To Know About The Upcoming Year

by Justin Kane Assistant

With the year almost at an end, people are starting to look forward to the new things that may come. Being ahead of the curve gives you the edge and this year might be your breakthrough. Here are some of the predicted trends that may change the trajectory in digital marketing.

High-Quality Content Will Continue to Thrive

Advertisements are no longer the best way to promote things. People rely more on quality content, reviews, and feedback from people they know. People view ads as no longer as trustworthy as they used to be.

The best way for your business to be noticed is to provide your customers, clients, or site visitors with quality content. However, not everyone can do what expert digital marketers can, which is why services like Studio 56 exist. They provide you with strategies that help you grow your businesses.

Social Networks Will Continue to Connect People

Social media became a significant part of people’s everyday lives. It’s now part of their daily routines to log in and check their accounts. For businesses, social media became a vital tool in communicating and reaching out to customers and clients. But more than that, it’s also a way for companies to connect with each other. Digital marketers are expected to step up and upgrade their social media strategies.

Communication between clients and businesses is vital. Consumers today are more inclined to choose brands that know how to reach out to them. That’s why it’s vital that you integrate social media into your services. It’s a way of connecting to your market. Instead of only having one platform for your customers to reach you, you are providing more options that are readily available to them. This way communication barriers are lessened, and customer-satisfaction can increase.

Artificial Intelligence

The growth of AI in technology is growing rapidly, and it’s not going away anytime soon. You can expect that more and more platforms will embrace that technology. The efficiency of AI provides a higher level of satisfaction to customers.

Digital devices are becoming more customer-centric. AI enables marketers to understand more what the customers are interested in. It helps them gather data and create algorithms that will customize the user experience.

Voice Recognition

More than half of searches in Google are voice searches now. And expect it to rise more in the coming years. Voice search has become popular with the rise of personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

You’ve probably encountered the meme “This is so sad. Alexa, play Despacito.” This meme became popular among the youth. It’s like a catchphrase when something sad happens, and the user commands their digital assistant.

Kids today will grow up where voice commands are the norm. Voice recognition technology is continually being developed. It may not be perfect now, but it became more advanced in recognizing different languages and accents.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is visual imagery layered on reality while virtual reality is all simulation. Remember Pokemon Go? The game has become viral because of the AR and VR experience it gave its players. The Pokemon hunters have the option to turn on their camera for an augmented reality of the game, but they can also use virtual reality.

This is a new level of customer experience. People become more involved in the game, which is why Pokemon Go became such a hype. Their experience is immersive, which allowed them to connect with more of their senses.

Chatbots Will Become Common

Chatbots provides an easier way for companies to communicate with their numerous customers. Instead of using actual humans, they use bots that will save them money and effort. Of course, they have to optimize these bots to provide the best quality customer service they can offer.

It may seem impersonal, but chatbots are becoming more complex. They are programmed to give a more personalized experience to the user. They use information like customer demographics to target potential customers.

It’s best if companies can add a personal touch instead of entirely relying on the chatbots. This makes it more authentic and sincere, which will be appreciated more by customers.

Creativity Will Set You Apart

Following trends is good. However, being able to rise above the rest can have a much powerful impact. People love it whenever companies and brands incorporate what’s popular at the moment into their marketing strategies. But they also get impressed when they successfully flow against the current and be different.

Instead of copying what your competitors are doing, go a different direction. Think creatively. If you set yourself apart, you would easily catch attention because there is nothing else like you.

These are just some of the trends you should look out for to develop a better marketing strategy. There’s no single street you can go to become better. Digital marketing trends change multiple times a year. Keep your eyes open so you can follow and be ahead of what’s going to be the next big thing.

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