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Blood pressure refers to the pressure exerted on the walls of blood vessels. It is the medical situation in which coronary artery disease or coronary heart disease, which supplies the oxygen to the heart. Excess weight, cholesterol level, may increase the plaque in the body. Plaque helps to increase the muscles of the body. It increases the chest pain and increases the risk of heart blockage which gives rise to the heart attacks. It can be reduces by the proper oxygen supply to the different parts of the body and by doing workouts one may help to recover from the heart diseases.
Blood flow increases with the increase of heart problem in person. It is dangerous for the health. It can come to a standard with regular practice as it may help the blood to flow from the body. It helps the oxygen to reach to the body parts and takes all the essential requirements of the body to all the parts.

There are two main types of blood pressure monitors, so that each and every person can take care of the health and can have a healthy life.This is mostly designed as in arm-cuffs and wrist-cuff models. It comes in different prices, quality, color and size. Two types of Blood Pressure Monitor are as follows-
1. Aneroid which is also known as Mercury Blood Pressure Monitor
2. Digital
Aneroid blood pressure monitor have a cuff which is inflated by squeezing a rubber bulb, a dial gauge with a needle. It is used with stethoscope. This device is mostly used by doctors so as to give proper treatment to the patients with accurate results. This devise is not suitable for the patients who are facing arthritis problem. Its features are also different so as to facilitate the patient with right number of Blood Pressure.
Digital blood pressure monitor gives an accurate blood pressure as it is shown in digits. It is the automatic version with a cuff that inflates at the press of a button. It is not expensive as it is a semi-automatic version. These blood pressure monitors have a saving memory capacity which keeps the record of blood pressure for several months.
How to Choose the Right Blood Pressure Monitor
Make sure to select the right blood pressure monitor so that the patient can get the right medication and at the right time. It is very important to choose the accurate blood pressure monitor which is accurate and right for the user. The ways through which the patient will be able to select the right blood pressure monitor and it is as follows-
• Programmed Blood Pressure Monitor
• Make sure the monitor is accurate
• Be assure that the cuff is of right size
• Select according to the features you need according to the need of the person who will use it.
• Select that blood pressure monitor which is easy to use and can be read easily. Be sure to understand the usage of the device so as to facilitate the person who uses it.
How to Lower Blood Pressure
Deep breathing cures many problems of the internal parts of the body which leads to the healthy life. It checks arteries or veins and are very essential for veins. It removes the stress of life and a person starts feeling relaxed and tension free after taking deep breaths.With the change in life style one can improve his health, and it can also keep the body away from the diseases. With the advice of doctor one can start a diet plan and can make his body fit and fine. With this a person can maintain a body weight.
Our heart beats around 1, 00,000 times. In our full life-span it pumps near about so many liters of blood. Heart attack occurs when there is less amount of oxygen in the body. According to doctors, it is proved that 90% of heart disease occurs due to the coronaries, through which a person gets energy and sometimes it gets thinner due to which heart attack occurs.
Advantages of Blood Pressure Monitor in homes are as follows-
• Patients who suffer from high blood pressure or low blood pressure in their regular life.
• Blood Pressure Monitor is beneficial who want to keep a check on their Blood Pressure regularly.
• People who have high readings at the doctor’s place but need to confirm it again at their place
Blood Pressure Monitor is beneficial for the patients who get nervous in doctor’s place but remain calm at home.
A physical or mental force which is applied on the mind of the person which has negative or positive affect on the brain of the person. This condition which has an adverse effect on the body is called stress. It is a force which causes a change in the physical body. Stress can be in terms of tension. To manage these situations in life Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is used.

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