Different Types of CNG kits Delhi: Advantages and disadvantages

by Maria Andrew Marketing Head

As petrol prices get high, more buyers are now opting for CNG kits Delhi.

CNG conversion kits can be retro-fitted on almost every petrol car in India but you’ve to make sure that you’re installing the right kit.

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However, while choosing a CNG kit for your vehicle, the primary decision you’ve to make is whether you want to purchase a Sequential CNG Kit or a Venturi CNG Kit.

Now, check out the different types of CNG kits available in Delhi:

  1. Sequential kits:

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A Sequential CNG kit is a much better option for your car. It’s because the gas flow is controlled by injectors.

Sequential injection CNG kits can be only installed on vehicles that have electronic fuel injection systems.

For a Maruti Wagon-R, a sequential CNG kit is a much better option. However, the kits are more expensive.

Advantages of sequential kits:

The advantages of sequential CNG kits are many.

  • You get more accurate CNG injection that results in better performance and better mileage.

  • CNG performs better on high-compression engines only.

Disadvantages of sequential kits:

  • The only significant disadvantage of a sequential CNG kit is the initial purchasing cost that is nearly twice that of a venturi-system.

  • The other minor disadvantage is that it’s more complicated. Also, the installation needs some drilling and modification of the intake manifold.

  1. Venturi Kits:

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Venturi kits are usually cheaper and easy to install and less complex than sequential CNG kits.

A venturi kit behaves like a carburettor or venturi.

A venturi-type CNG kit can be applied on any kind of vehicle, whether it’s fuel-injected or carburettor driven with or without an ECU.

Advantage of a venturi-type CNG kit:

  • The advantage of a venturi-type CNG kit is that it has low cost of installation.

  • For a small car owner, a venturi-type CNG kit with a twelve Kilogram cylinder will cost about Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 45,000.

  • There’s no separate ECU for the CNG system. Also, there’s no complicated wiring or sensors. It’s a relatively simple system to install.

Disadvantage of a venturi-type CNG kit:

  • The drawback of a venturi-type CNG kit is that one can witness issues of loss of pickup.

  • It needs to be frequently cleaned and tuned up accurately.

  1. Open-loop and Closed Loop Sequential Systems

Another aspect that you need to consider while picking CNG kits Delhi is whether you want an open-loop system or a closed-loop system.

There’re many advantages and disadvantages to both these systems.

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Closed-loop system:

A closed loop system is one where the oxygen sensor or lambda sensor in the exhaust gives feedback to the ECU controlling the CNG gas flow.

It tells whether the exhaust emissions are within permissible limits or not. After that, the ECU regulates the gas flow. It therefore helps in preventing too much pollution.


  • The advantage of a closed-loop system is that you get specific emission control.

  • You also get slightly better fuel efficiency as it helps keep the gas injection at an optimum point.


  • However, not everyone is happy with a closed-loop system.

  • Also, one can witness a marked drop in performance.

  • This means you mayn’t get the kind of acceleration you need, when you need it.

Open-loop system:


  • It results in cost saving.

  • There’s no restriction on the amount of CNG that can be injected into the engine at any given temperature.

  • It also allows better performance and pick up.


  • However, an open-loop system has its own disadvantages.

  • One is the higher exhaust gas emissions that occur as there’s nothing to monitor emissions in the system.

  • A major issue is the heat build up in the engine.

  • There’s no monitoring of exhaust gases. It can damage exhaust valves of the engine.


If you’re shopping for CNG kits Delhi, then visit multiple car dealers and figure out which one is the best for you.

Before installing CNG Kits make sure you check the installer’s reputation. You can speak with other customers as well.

Also, make sure that the dealer does all the paperwork for you.

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