Diesel vs Gasoline Engines: Which one Should You Get?

by Adrian C. SEO Specialist

If you are a fan of Toyota motors in the Philippines or automobiles in general, you are familiar with the debate of whether diesel and gasoline cars are better. You may be thinking right now what type of car between the two you should purchase. With these facts, you may finally decide what is the one for you.


If you want to make your own fuel, chose diesel cars

Maybe, you live in an area that is far from the nearest car station and you are not able to go there regularly because of reasons. You might save more time and money, if you make your own fuel. Diesel cars use petroleum like gasoline ones, but can also survive on just biodiesel. Biodiesel is made with non-petroleum sources such as vegetable oil and is safer to make on your own than gasoline since there are already home-made kits to use.


Diesel engines run longer miles than gasoline ones

Fuel efficiency is defined by how many miles a car can run on a certain gallon. Even if a gasoline engine car and diesel engine car has the same gallon of oil, diesel would still run a few more miles. Thus, diesel engines tend to be more efficient than gas ones.

This is due to several factors. First, diesel fuel has more energy per liter than petrol by 3.8 mega joules. Second, is the technology of the engine. It has a higher compression rate thanks to the large cylinder, meaning the engine won’t combust even with the volatile diesel fuel gas and, more compression equals to more power being produced.


Gasoline cars are quieter than diesel ones

If you leave in a neighborhood that is generally quiet, you might also want a car that is just as quiet so as not to wake up your neighbors. Gasoline engines are quieter than their diesel counterparts because of their combustion. They rely on a spark for the fuel to be ignited. Diesel ones depend on compression for their fuel. These powerful compressions produced more vibrations compared to gasoline ones, and it equals to more noise.


Gasoline engines are less polluting

Car emissions pollute the air of the environment. They release chemicals that harm not only dirty the air we breathe, but raises our chances of getting respiratory problems. One of the chemicals that are emitted is nitrogen dioxide.

Nitrogen dioxide is a toxic chemical that is produced by both gasoline and diesel cars since because both use air in the engine to ignite the fuel. The difference is, gasoline models use both air and water in their chambers, while diesel one’s heat air only.

When air is heated to high temperatures and high pressures, nitrogen dioxide is produced. Diesel engines create more of this chemical because it uses higher temperatures and pressures than gasoline ones.

Also, diesel engines release higher amounts of nitrogen dioxide emissions because there is no mechanism capable of cleaning a percentage of the volume they produce. 100% is released. Gasoline cars removes 30% of nitrogen dioxide from their emissions if a a three-way catalytic converter is used. Because of this reason, gasoline cars pollute less than diesel ones.


Key Takeaway:

People, who follow Toyota motors in the Philippines and love automobiles, tend to debate over whether it is better to buy a diesel car, or one that runs on gasoline. Both cars have strengths the other type doesn’t have, such as running longer miles or releasing less polluting emissions. At the end of the day, is is up to you to decide what you prefer. 

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