How to Know When You Need to Change Your Tiles

by Adrian C. SEO Specialist

Every single person in existence - or at least most of us today – has a strong desire to save a few extra bucks no matter how small the amount. As rational beings, we’d do anything to avoid spending a single cent even if it means putting up with things that are on the verge of breaking.

One great example of this is the way many refuse to change their tiles or redo their floorings even though it’s past time to do so. On some level, we can understand this given how steep the price for tiles in the Philippines can sometimes get. On the other hand, it makes very little sense to ignore the problem because there are hazards – though few – that come with it.

Broken tiles can cause injuries to young children and pets in your home. It may also be a sign of structural damage and even lead to more if not taken care of immediately. There certainly are times when you can get away with a simple restoration, but if the following things happen, know that it’s best to change or replace your tiles:

Appearance of Molds

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that it’s time to change your tiles is when mold starts to appear. This usually happens in bathroom or kitchen tiles where water can get in between the grouts and allow for the mold to grow. Not only is mold unsightly, it also has a distinct odor that isn’t very inviting. Let’s not forget the fact that mold can affect the health of people in the household, particularly those who suffer from conditions like asthma.

It’s impossible to prevent mold and mildew growth but it also takes a long time for the problem to become so apparent, which means it really is time for you to retile your rooms once they do.

Plenty of Cracks and Chips

Any type of flooring – tiles or wood – that has several deep cracks and little chip all throughout needs to be replaced immediately. If the problem is ignored, these little problems may evolve into something big and ruin your entire interior tiling. Cracks and chips can also wound and/or injure the residents of your home and that is from ideal. If that doesn’t convince, maybe knowing that the tiny spaces between the cracks can be breeding grounds for pests will.

Still not swayed? Here’s our final rebuttal – mold. Cracks and chips can prompt immediate mold and mildew growth and we all know how dangerous that is as mentioned in the previous point.

Tiles are Coming Loose

When tiles come loose prematurely, it means they were poorly installed and adhesion issues have started to arise – either the amount of adhesive used was lacking or completely wrong. Once this happens, there’s no other way to fix the problem than to retile the entire space.

You’re going to want to do this because loose tiles pose a lot of safety hazards. Loose times are extremely prone to chipping and cracking. This may then lead to injuries and wounds and other physical harm on residents. It may also be the start of mold and mildew growth. Put simply, when tiles come loose, all the previously mentioned signs will undoubtedly follow.

Outdated Design

Admittedly, this is more of an aesthetic problem than an actual hazard, but it’s equally important to improve the design of your home. Tile designs are constantly evolving and whatever you have at home may not be trendy or in-style anymore. If that bothers you or you just want a breath of fresh air, then retiling might be the best solution.

You’re going to be surprised at the effect new tiles can have. It may have you falling in love with a room you previously thought was nothing special. You might think that doesn’t mean much, but very few things in life can elicit the happiness you feel when you look at newly-tiled rooms.

Key Takeaway

When molds, cracks, and adhesion problems start to arise, you know it’s time to change your tiles. You may also want to consider going for new tiles once you realize that what you have installed is outdated but you don’t have to do it immediately. There’s enough time for you to look for a design that’s a little bit more evergreen since there are no hazards associated with a tile design that’s out of style.

We know that the price of tiles in the Philippines is holding you back but keep in mind that you may end up dealing with a lot costlier problems if you choose to ignore your broken and problematic tiles! 

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