Designing Vaulted Ceilings - 5 Knockout Tips

by Kris Mccreerys McCreery's Home Furnishings

The world of home design is an ever-evolving world. It is not surprising, therefore, to find that ancient designs are now being incorporated into modern homes. Old architectural features such as vaulted ceilings are now seen greatly in many homes. Homeowners of Elizabethan or Victorian homes are the ones that are most familiar with such beauties. If you are fascinated in designing vaulted ceilings, then learn these guidelines –


Vaulted Ceilings are All About Added Space


Vaulted ceilings offer a certain level of spaciousness in any home because of its huge span across a full structure. It can be tough to design a room with such a ceiling but armed with the right knowledge, even an amateur should be able to do it.


It is important to take note from the onset that vaulted ceilings are all about space and its wise use. If your home comes with a ceiling that slants on one or both sides, forming a peak-like middle structure, then you are blessed to have a vaulted ceiling. This can add a majestic touch to your place and if you unleash your creativity, then your habitat can look charming effortlessly.


Of White Walls and Polished Wooden Beams


An ideal combination for vaulted ceiling design is the polished wood beams and white walls. This style offers a contemporary feeling when used inside a polished kitchen. the dining table and chairs must also match the colors that are inside the room.


Remember to keep it simple and, in the process, you will achieve a level of elegance that is hard to equal. The vaulted ceiling, by itself, commands class and elegance but if being chic doesn’t work for you, then you have to work on toning the look down.


Wooden Beams and Colorful Walls


The room can look smaller as more color is added on the walls and the furniture. You can experiment with some colors that you find attractive. Arrange the curtains and other accessories to further beautify the room.


You can also work on a hybrid of a slanting roof and a vaulted ceiling. Colors can make the room appear much more attractive and vibrant. This is the flip side of what you tried to achieve with the first guideline. Remember, though, to use bright colors only after you have given it much thought.


The Loft or Attic


Both the attic and the loft are small so if you have to design it, then you will have to consider how to make the ceiling become a complementary part of the whole design. The ceiling should provide a unique touch to the décor of the room since you are trying to achieve an illusion of spaciousness – at the very least.


As the vaulted ceiling is constructed in a small space, be sure to use light wall colors as well as smaller furniture frames. You can also consider hanging light fixtures from the ceiling, making sure that they are installed in an area where foot traffic is rare. Design the rest of the room according to your preference.


Some of the affordable tools that you can use in designing vaulted ceilings is to install wallpapers with border patterns. You can also try mixing and matching colors to design the vaulted ceiling molding.


Adding a crown molding can be done in two ways – first, to just follow the slopes of the vaulted ceiling. Second, it can be placed below the actual ceiling as this can create a visual effect of a tinier ceiling.


Colors Galore


If you really have to paint your vaulted ceiling with bright colors then know that they will make the ceiling appear lower than it actually is. To counter this, just add venation plaster complete with border colors so that depth is added.


Designing vaulted ceilings is not the same as regular ceilings. You need to consider a lot of factors such as shunning mirrors and heavy accessories. The point is to make the vaulted ceiling enhance your home rather than become a wasted feature.

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