Deportation From Different Countries: Los Angeles Deportation Lawyer

by Alex Dean Immigration Attorney in Los Angeles

Deportation means removal or sending back a non-citizen to the country from which he has come from. Deportation is a formal civil procedure; it’s not a criminal procedure. In Los Angeles deportation is administrated under the authority of DHS (Departure of Homeland Security), it results in forcefully returning a non-citizen to his origin country. Deportation is done if any alien has committed any illegal activity like committed fraud or any criminal activity.

Some of the reason for deportation in Los Angles is:

The commitment of fraud or misrepresentation of any fact to get a visa, green card, etc.

Committed any illegal activity like trafficking of firearms.

Any criminal activity like murder or attempt or conspiracy to commit any crime.

Money laundering etc.

The above mentioned are some of the reason, and there is much more reason for deportation. Once deportation is done, the alien is not allowed re-entering the country again. If you have been served with the order of deportation, you can still stay in the specific county. If he is found inadmissible or deportable, then there are several relief you can seek in order of removal of deportation.

Some of the reliefs that are provided by the Los Angeles deportation lawyer are:

Suspend or removal of deportation

There are certain criteria which he must follow to suspend or remove the deportation, they are:-

     The non-citizen should be present in the country for at least seven years.

     He must have a good moral character, etc

     If the alien shows that deportation will lead to the hardship of his family or the alien himself.

Withholding of deportation

Deportation can be withheld for some of the reason like asylum like the fear of personal safety due to religion and political belief, race, etc.

Voluntary departure

The person can also voluntary leave the country by himself, and he will not be forcefully deported to his origin country.

Political Asylum

Asylum means the fear of personal safety because of: race, religion, nationality, political belief, members of social groups, etc

The alien can get the help of Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer for the relief of deportation. There are a lot of option or guidelines available to prevent deportation. Even in the circumstance where the deportation is warranted, there are many steps available to postpone the deportation for months, sometimes a year. If you take advice from a deportation lawyer to postpone or prevent deportation, the lawyer will provide you all the remedies for the pending deportation.

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