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Often we hear from people near us complaining about the toothaches and oral problems, which makes oral hygiene a bigger concern. Oral health problems aren't rare, almost every person once in life suffers from the excruciating pain of the tooth cavity, and not to mention the painful procedure of bad tooth removal. We will see some common oral health problems and how to prevent them.


Why Dental Care is Necessary?

Dental problems aren't rare, and it is highly unlikely to find someone near us who never had any dental problem in the past. Oral diseases affect a majority of the population of the world, causing pain, discomfort, and even deaths too. One most common dental problem is tooth decay or cavity, which almost every grown-up adult has faced once in their life. All these problems not only affect the health of a person but also disrupt their social and personal life. With proper dental care, most of the oral health problems can be taken care of in the early stages, and all those painful and expensive dental procedures can be avoided.


Common Dental Problems


  • Bad Breath: Bad breath, in medical terms called halitosis, is a highly embarrassing problem, as it affects our social life. Gum diseases, cavities, dry mouth and bacteria present in the mouth cause bad breath. Many people choose to use mouthwash to cover the bad breath but it doesn't cure the underlying issue causing it. If the bad breath is persistent for a long period, then you should visit a dentist.


  • Tooth Decay: One of the most common oral health problems is tooth decay or cavities. The cause of tooth decay is the degradation of the enamel of the tooth, due to the sugary drinks, bacteria present in the mouth, or unhygienic conditions of the mouth. Every age group, from children to adults, suffers from this oral problem.


  • Gum Diseases: Also known as periodontal disease is an infection of gums surrounding the teeth. Almost every person is prone to gum diseases if oral hygiene isn't taken into consideration. Smoking is one of the factors that increases the chances of having gum diseases. Most common symptoms of it include swollen tender or bleeding gums.


  • Tooth Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that nearly all of us have experienced. In tooth sensitivity, certain things like hot drinks, cold drinks, sweets or ice-cream cause pain and discomfort. Some people have experienced the problem of sensitivity while brushing and flossing too. There are many reasons behind the tooth sensitivity which causes it, but it is treatable.


Dental care products to avoid oral health problems:

It requires everyday efforts to maintain oral hygiene and to prevent oral health problems. Dental Care Products play a major role in achieving the goal of good oral health. Below are listed most important dental care products and what to look for when buying them.


  • Toothbrush: When buying a toothbrush, you will find toothbrushes with hard, medium and soft bristles. Hard and medium bristled brushes should be avoided, as they are too rough for the gums and cause damage to gums, which lead to gum problems. Also, brushing should be done gently rather than rigorously. When choosing the size, go for the size that fits into your mouth comfortably and easily.


  • Toothpaste: Brushing is incomplete without the toothpaste. The most important thing to look for in a toothpaste is that it should contain fluoride in it.  Fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens the enamel. There are different types of toothpaste available which contain ingredients to fight sensitivity, bad breath, and other oral problems.


  • Dental floss: Toothbrush cannot reach the space in between teeth, that's why flossing is recommended to remove the trapped food particles in between teeth which toothbrush cannot reach. Flossing twice a day is suggested by many dentists. Waxed floss is a better option if your teeth are tightly spaced.


  • Mouthwash: Depending on the ingredients in it, mouthwashes have different purposes like reducing plaques, fighting gingivitis (inflammation of gums), or fighting cavities. Mouth helps you to get rid of acute bad breath.


There are many more dental care products online like oral irrigates, dental picks, teeth whitener, etc. If oral hygiene is maintained, it will benefit you in the long term. Although teeth decay naturally too, the process can be slowed by healthy oral practices. To see more oral health care products, you can check by visiting the Pound Shop Guru.


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