Cyber Security Certification & High-Income Jobs: Everything You Need to Know

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Digital revolution has brought some great development, but at the same time, it has also given birth to cybercrimes. As per reports in 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has got more than 467,000 cybercrime complaints. As per the FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crime Report), cybercrime led to a loss of US$3.5 billion. When it comes to the type of cybercrimes, then BEC or Business Email Compromise is the costliest type of fraud that costs the United States around US$1.8 billion. Many such cyber crimes are because of human error and lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

With the cyber threat looming and staring at our face, there is a need for cybersecurity professionals who can implement security provisions, thus ensuring the safety of data. As and when we are growing in the field of digitization, there is a need to provide a safe system to the companies so that they can use a digital platform without any worry. 

The cybercrime would cost around US$6 trillion by 2021, and no wonder losing this huge amount can be a huge loss. In such a scenario, cybersecurity professionals are a hot commodity. Despite such a dire need of cybersecurity professionals, there are fewer of them. Hence switching to become a cybersecurity professional going for cyber security certification is a great idea. 

Why should you go for cybersecurity training?

Choosing the right skill is important for professional growth. As per the reports of Cyber Seek, the demand for cybersecurity professionals in the US is around 313,735, and this number is expected to reach 500,000 by 2021.  Thus, it makes cybersecurity certifications the most lucrative career options.

If you are thinking about choosing the right certification for growth in your career, then you must choose a cybersecurity training certification. These online training programs offered by different institutes and online platforms will give you complete information about cybersecurity and its applications. 

Cybersecurity job profiles and salary :

Cybersecurity remains the hottest commodity in today’s market. With more and more companies going digital, there is a dire need to have a secure system. A proficient cyber security professional ensures the same. There is a different kind of job profiles in the cybersecurity domain:

  • Cybersecurity engineer:  The average salary ranges from $120,000 to $200,000

  • Application Security Engineer- The average salary ranges from $120,000 to $180,000

  • Cybersecurity Analyst- The average salary ranges from $90,000 and $160,000

  • Penetration Tester - The average salary ranges from $80,000 to $130,000

  • Network Security Engineer- The average salary ranges from $125,000 to $185,000

Give your career a boost with cybersecurity professional training:

Choosing from a wide number of cyber security training certifications, you have to choose the one which best matches your interests and skills. Global Tec Council is a renowned platform offering a wide spectrum of cybersecurity training certification programs. These cybersecurity training programs have been designed as per the industry standards and impart a blend of classroom and practical learning experience. Global Tech Council offers the following six cybersecurity professional training programs:

1. Certified Cyber Security Professional™- Preventing a data breach is a must for any organization. With more and more companies shifting their business operations online, these cybersecurity professionals work towards creating a stronger system that keeps the data safe and secure. 

The certified cybersecurity professional program by Global Tech Council has been created to provide state of the art cybersecurity measures. This cybersecurity professional training program enables the individuals to learn the basic skills of cybersecurity and will also help you understand the details of cybersecurity, along with its implementation. By going for this cybersecurity training program, you can develop your skills and become a cybersecurity expert. This certification is going to be rewarding for your career. This is an online training program that is for 10 hours.

2. Certified Network Security Engineer™- Every organization needs to have a safe and secure network that is free from hacking attacks. Network Security Engineers are deployed to take this charge. 

Their work is to plan, design, audit, and troubleshoot the problems that erupt in the network, thereby enhancing the efficacy of the system. Their work is to protect the network from bugs that can attack the system, thus creating dangers. 

With Global Tech Council’s cybersecurity professional training program, you will learn about the different ways to secure the network and audit the system for vulnerabilities and rectify the dame. They are responsible for ensuring that the network is free from any kind of threat. This is an online training program of 5 hours. 

After completion of this program, you will gain expertise in Wireless hacking and security, information gathering, Kali Linux, Installing Metasploitable, etc. 

3. Certified Information Security Executive™- Instant information exchange is trending. Most of the companies make use of the most advanced systems for data exchange, and thus it becomes important for them to have a safe system that is free from cyber-attacks. This online cybersecurity professional training will pave the way for great job opportunities in the field of information security. 

This is a gold standard cybersecurity training program for IT individuals. They are responsible for creating and managing security strategies, over information security audits, assessment of current network architecture, and assess vulnerable points, thereby removing the same. 

Certified Information Security Executive individuals exhibit knowledge and skills of network security, thereby using the same for enhancing the efficacy of the system. 

4. Certified Wireless Security Auditor™- Global Tech Council brings you this professional training program for those who are looking to make a strong impact in the field of IT. These cybersecurity professionals are responsible for understanding the latest technologies and software that will secure the devices and network. This 6 hours long program is available online. Besides learning about the different wireless technologies, you will also learn about the use of cases using Bluejack, Aircrack, etc. 

5. Certified White Hat Hacker™- Often, hackers are associated with malicious cyber attacks and crimes. But the fact is that they are innovators who find new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of the system. The savvy business incorporates all the methods and expertise that helps in preventing such a system. White hackers are actively hired by companies.

Nowadays, every company is hiring white hackers. This is a branch of cybersecurity where you learn about various ways of ethical hacking. It is a way to find out the vulnerabilities of the system and the importance of white hacking techniques that helps in securing the network. As a part of this cybersecurity training certification, you will learn about the fundamentals of the system, basics of Footprinting, hacking the system, and malware in-depth. 

6. Certified Pentesting Expert™-  One of the cybersecurity analyst certifications that you can go for is the certified pen-testing. As a part of this cybersecurity analyst certification, you will learn about the penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. As a part of this certification program, you will learn about the different web hacking techniques and methodologies.  

This is 8 hours of online cybersecurity training. It is one of the most sought after cybersecurity training programs, and if you wish to become an expert cybersecurity professional, then you must enroll for this certification program.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to choosing lucrative career options, then you must choose a cyber security professional training. In the times to come, we are going to have a huge population shifting to online usage and more and more companies making their business process go online. In such a scenario, there would be a need for cyber security professionals. With the above-mentioned cyber security training program, you can become an expert in this field. 

Global Tech Council is a renowned platform for this. It provides you an online cyber security certification training program wherein you will learn about details about cybersecurity and its implementation. After successful completion of cyber security training, the scope of getting lucrative job offers increases multiple folds.

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