Concept of Government Jobs and Private Jobs In India

by Gray Clues Writer

What is the job? 

If it is understood in simple language, then working under a person is called a job, you can call it government job, private job and semi government job.

What is government job?

These are those jobs, which are given in the organization run by the government with the rules made by the government. In this payment is also received by the government. This is a permanent job, under which no one can remove you before a certain age. In this, the age of 60 has been fixed for all government sectors, after which you are retired from your job.

What is private job?

A private job is a job in which the government is not paid. Any person opening his own private company, without interfering with the government, gives a job to the employee and he himself is paid by the private company i.e. the person who is its founder. So such a job is called a private job. Private job is also called as temporary job. Because in this the boss can fire you at any time or you can also leave the job at any time. It involves more work than a government job.

What is the difference between government job and private job?

  • Government jobs are controlled by the government while private jobs are controlled by the founder of the company himself.
  • Government jobs are permanent and private jobs are temporary.
  • There is more work in private job than in government job.
  • Your growth in a government job depends on the government while your growth in a private job depends on your skills.
  • You cannot work after a certain age in a government job, whereas in a private job you can work as long as you want.
  • Growth is faster in private jobs than in government jobs.
  • Payment to Government Employee is done by the Government whereas in Private Jobs the payment is made by the Company.

People's Concept of job in society

In our society, people's thinking about private jobs is not good. According to them, even if you are in private job, no matter how big a position you are working, still they do not consider you successful. Which is a wrong notion.
On the other hand, if you are in a government job, then you will get a different image in the society. No matter how much you earn, you are working in any position. People in your colony will give your example to their children.

Most asked questions on private jobs.

Question: Can you be fired at any time from a private job, while you are not fired from a government job?

Ans- No, this is a misconception. In private sector and even government sector people leave their jobs whenever they want. Have you ever noticed when you have gone for an interview in a company. Those people who have more experience than the fresher You give job to him. Now tell me, any company would like you to remove experienced employees. It is a matter of people are unable to handle the work load and leave the job on their own. Well if you make a mistake then the company wants it. Government or private both can kick you out of jobs. By the way, even in government jobs, you get punishment for your mistake like being suspended. And you are also dismissed from the jobs. So you should prepare yourself to work for a long time with the company, be it government or private.

I believe that a job is essential to live life. Without a job, you cannot imagine a good life. Whatever job you do, whether it is government or private, do it with your heart, if you work hard from starting in a private job, then after In this you too can reach a big post very soon and work comfortably. Whatever work you do, do your hard work with dedication and honesty and do not take the stress of work together. If you are interested in government jobs, so you should visit employment news of this week website.

About the author:

This article is written by Gray Clues. She is a career adviser and professional writer by profession and has expert knowledge in the field of career and all other private and government sector. She has given valuable tips on bank jobs in India. If you are interested in banking, so you can visit bank jobs website.

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