Common Sales Automation Misconceptions

by Adrian C. SEO Specialist

Sales automation is now something that is essential for businesses. Not only does it do some of the more administrative work that salespeople do—giving them more time and focus on selling, but it also presents better opportunities for them!

It is used for one thing, to power-up the sales team so that they can produce better results. They’re kind of like supplementary equipment that would improve on existing workloads.

Nevertheless, there are still businesses that don’t see the potential that using sales automation in their sales processes. They believe that these are not necessary for the growth of a business nor do they offer any kind of improvement! These people view sales automation as something that is irrelevant, something close to being a scam—not knowing just how useful they can be!

With that being said, here are some of the most common misconceptions about sales automation!


It’s only for Big Companies

A lot of the newer and smaller businesses decide not to make use of sales automation because they think it’s too expensive, or they don’t need it yet.

In reality, there is so many automation software available on the internet that is made or small businesses! It’s very easy to avail their services and most of them would offer it at a very reasonable price. And if it’s money that you’re thinking about then don’t worry! The money you invest in automation will surely be negated by the profits you will soon accumulate!


It’s Complex and Hard to Understand

Those who see sales automation for the first time get confused and in turn, backs away from the thought of applying it to their company.

Although it can get tricky at the start, all you need is the right training and help to be able to operate sales automation effectively! When you’re being taught, it’s almost like learning a new software in your computer. Once you have a general idea of how things work, and how to navigate around the system, the rest will easily follow through!

Most automation services would teach you how to operate the software and would be more than happy to help you when you experience any kind of technical difficulties along the way!


Automation Will get you Leads

Sales automation can provide you with a lot of things, but leads are not one of them.

It’s your sales representatives that will get you all the leads that you can get. The automation will just help him do so. It does so by organizing potential lead databases, automatically emailing potential leads, transferring/ making calls and recording them, and a lot more.

At the end of the day, sales automation is primarily a supplement to the sales and/or marketing team—helping them with redundant tasks that take up time that they could use to find more leads.


More Features = Better Automation

Some companies believe that the service that offers the most features will probably be the best option.

Although looking at the number of features is a valid and logical way of choosing the service you’re going to avail, take note that more is not always the best. When it comes to sales automation, it would be better to look at a tool that is in constant development. A service that is regularly updated and is easy to use.

Remember that the point of sales automation is that they’ll make the lives of the sales team easier. If you choose a sales automation that becomes outdated and irrelevant, then it would have gone against its supposed function of making things easier for the sales team!


Key Takeaway

The sales team is probably one of the busiest teams in a company, primarily because getting leads, and closing deals all depend on them. Though the tried and tested procedures of sales are still relevant today, it’s no surprise that sales automation is now the best supplement that any sales team could ask for.

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