Common Office Space: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

by Shailesh Iyengar Writer

For a startup founder, in the event, you share office space or rent one of your own?  A growing number of businesses are connecting coworking communities.  What was once seen as a freelancer domain has rapidly become a viable choice for companies of all sizes?

It must come as no surprise that technology startups are also turning to coworking at increasing prices.  However, does that mean the office area is best for every startup?  In this guide, we will outline the pros and cons of shared office area.  Use this report, as you search for the best space to scale your startup.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Shared Office Space?

An estimated 638,000 people in the United States will combine a coworking community this year.  Before buying a shared office space, think about the following:
The Disadvantages of Shared Office Space
1.  Distractions
On any particular day, as a startup creator, you are tasked with preparing for a presentation to prospective investors, initiating sales requirements, talking product road-maps together with programmers, and more.  You've got zero time to interact and zero tolerance for distractions.  Can you ensure your colleagues are going to be in the same frame of mind?  Likely not.  Everybody has lighter days and thicker days work-wise, also you can't let the fit group from the couch to"keep it down," any more than you can throw your desk neighbor's cell phone from the wall.

Naturally, you could minimize noise distractions by leasing a personal office.  But noise travels when compelled to interact with others on the other side of the doorway, and you may still encounter several distractions.  Whether you are walking to the bathroom, preparing a snack at the kitchen, or getting a knock from a coworker you met last week, you're most likely to run into people and conversations that look more intriguing than your list.  The bottom line: Since coworking spaces feel less organized than normal offices, drawing on the line between socialization and function may occasionally prove challenging for your staff and you.

2.  Proximity to Competition 
Many startups experience some level of competition.  This can be a great thing.  But that does not mean that you want them looking over your shoulder as you make decisions.  Within an open seating culture, there's always the possibility of talking around those you would rather not have heard you!  You might have to remind yourself and your staff members to book conversations for conference rooms that are shut though we would never imply being paranoid.

3.  Deficiency of Customization
Among the most unusual aspects of having your own independently rented office is branding it.  The lighting, furniture, as well as the walls can all be customized to represent your preferences.  In regards to decoration, common workspaces differ significantly from posh to"Office Max."
Generally, speaking the longer you're willing to pay, the more aesthetically pleasing surroundings you'll get.  That said, simply because space is well-decorated doesn't indicate it's you.  It may feel like living in a resort while you're awaiting your home.  You're always gently reminded you to have ideas of stuff you'd love to modify the place isn't yours.

4.  Partner Could Morph to Coordinate with the Culture of this Workspace
For almost any expanding startup, it's important to cultivate unique company culture.  This company culture reflects the spirit and the heart of your startup.  From the common office surroundings, the culture of your company might transform to match the culture of their office.  Before buying a shared office space, think about the values and beliefs that space adheres or follows too.  Would these principles align with the civilization of your startup?  Otherwise, it might be difficult to find common ground with associates.

The Advantages of Shared Office Space
1.  More Flexibility
The most obvious benefit of a shared office area will be the flexibility that it provides in three Distinct regions:
Flexible Plan Options: Using coworking, there are no year-long rental requirements.  Personal desk Sexy seats, and office memberships are all provided on a month-to-month basis.

Adaptive Cost Alternatives: Without no upfront fees, no deposits, along with an assortment of option plans, coworking provides creators having a valuable chance for keeping prices down.
Flexible Space Options: Increase your team count by five people immediately?  You are probably able to change to a private office.  Since you're not around Wish to ditch your deck pass?  No problem.
Not sure how much cash your startup will soon probably have three weeks from today?  The general flexibility might provide peace of mind, in contrast to a lease's responsibility.

2.  Opportunities to Network With Startup Founders
Building a startup could get kind of lonely sometimes.  No matter the period of expansion, there are always new things perform, to learn, and also appraise.  Educating yourself with entrepreneurs can take the edge away if things get tough -- especially if those people are working at the space.
The best-shared office spaces sponsor plenty of events for mingling, networking, and learning from fellow cohorts.  Whether this is in the form of educational assignments hours, or guest speaker events --situating yourself in a workspace where you can't help but meet other entrepreneurs could make the difference to your startup.  Working together with like-minded individuals will help your startup grow.

3.  Greater accessibility to Key Players and Partnerships
Another advantage of working in a tech coworking space?  You'll have improved access to key players who can help your company grow.
Congregate in one space with lots of other startups, and you'll be more likely to attract the eye of angel investors and VCs on the lookout for new opportunities.  As a bonus, you will be able to hit media occasions up. 
Furthermore, tech co-working facilities like RocketSpace also function as incubators and are often able to connect their members with corporate partnerships.  Regardless of the hesitancy startups have with accepting investments, the pairing can be quite a match made in paradise.  Many businesses are searching for ways to tap with relevance to new markets.  With your thoughts and their understanding of scaling, the sky's the limit.

Location: Smartworks

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