Common French and Italian Phrases

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Do as the Romans do, or in this case, do as the Europeans do. Although Europe is populated with English speakers, you should at least learn a few common phrases to make conversing easier on your Kosher River Cruises journey.

If you’re ever headed to France, these phrases will make your adventures much easier. 

attendez-nous là - wait for us there
avez-vous faim? - are you hungry (formal)?
c'est pour vous. -  it is for you (formal)
c'est quoi?  -  what is it?
c'est tout? -  is that all?
c'est très gentil -  it is very nice
c’est combien? - how much is it?
c’est grave? - is it serious?
ça n'est pas grave -  no problem
ce n’est pas comme ça  -  It is not like that
combien cela coûte?  - how much is this?
comment as-tu passé... ?   -   how have you spent...? (informal)
comment t'appelles-tu?    -    what's your name (informal)?
comment vas-tu?      -      how are you (informal)?
depuis quand?     -     since when?
il est prêt.   -   he is ready
il veut y aller   -    he wants to go there
j'ai déjà dit que   -     I have already said that
j’attends mes amis    -     I am waiting for my friends
je ne comprends pas.   -     I don't understand
je ne sais pas     -    I don't know

Planning on a trip to Italy? Make sure to get these ones memorized by heart. 

Si - Yes.
No - No.
Per favore - Please.
Grazie -  Thank you.
Prego  -  You're welcome.
Mi scusi -  Excuse me.
Mi dispiace - I am sorry.
Buon giorno - Good morning.
Buona sera  -  Good evening.
Buona notte -  Good night.
Parla inglese? - Do you speak English?
C'è qualcuno che parla inglese? - Does anyone here speak English?
Mi dispiace, ma non parlo bene l'italiano. - I'm sorry, I don't speak Italian very well.
So soltanto un po' di italiano. -  I only speak a little Italian.
Come si chiama, Lei? -  What is your name?
Mi chiamo _______. -  My name is ________.
Le presento ______.  - This is ________.
Come sta? - How are you?
Sto bene, grazie. - I'm fine, thank you.
Piacere. - I am pleased to meet you.
È stato un piacere conoscerla. - It was nice to meet you.
Non capisco. - I don't understand.
Scusi, che cosa ha detto?  -  Excuse me, what did you say?
Può parlare lentamente?  -   Could you speak more slowly?
Capisco benissimo. - I understand perfectly.
Buona giornata!'  -  Have a nice day!

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these basic French and Italian phrases, spending a week or two in these beautiful countries will be a much more enjoyable and immersive experience. 

Want to know more about our European cruises? For more information, leave us a message.

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