Chubby Dating - Is It Right for You?

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Are you reluctant to believe that there are really chubby chasers out there? Have you heard the term before, but you don't believe in chubby dating? Are you looking forward to having a guy who will love you for who you are and not some chubby chaser?


Women who are carrying around a few extra pounds can sometimes take it hard when they go out to clubs or bars and see how the men all want to chase after the ultra thin stick figures. It's frustrating and it's so unfair. After all, these plus size women also have something to offer these guys at the same time.


They would laugh at when these plus size women consider dating a chubby chaser. But wait a minute. You just might be overlooking something great if you do.


Men Who Love a Handful


There are men out there who truly and genuinely love a woman who has full and overly generous curves. It seems strange to think that so many women turn away from this and insist on chasing the guy who simply isn't interested.


Don't beat your head against the wall trying to convince the guy who loves stick figures that you're what he needs. Go where the love flows and try dating a chubby chaser.


Dress Like You Mean It


Many women who have a few extra pounds try to hide it constantly. They wear shapeless clothes that covers them completely and are absolutely unable to see the sexy being that they are.


Guys who love well rounded women also want to be with the woman who is comfortable with her curves. He wants to see that she knows her curves are sexy, and he wants to enjoy seeing her dressed in a way that will highlight all the attributes he finds so attractive.


Don't sell yourself short by wearing a shapeless muumuu.


Trust Your Appeal


It's understandable that after years of being made to feel like a second rate citizen by the media, society and maybe even your friends you're not unable to believe that a guy can honestly look at you and feel desire. Stop hiding and denying the fact that a chubby chaser can really be attracted to you. This is your time to shine and you should revel in every moment.


However, if you feel that he's overemphasizing your size, going on and on, and perhaps even making attempts to add to your weight by encouraging you to eat more, you might want to use some caution as you continue dating him. He may be with you just for your size.


Where Are They Hiding


You have probably crossed the path of a chubby chaser a number of times without even realizing it. Chances are when he flirted with you, you ignored it because you thought it just couldn't be. But the next time that good looking guy gives you the eye, consider the fact that he could really be into you.


Also consider checking out the web. There are many chubby chaser websites today that cater to men who enjoy a chubby woman. Wouldn't it be great to put the endless diets away and finally meet a man who loves you just the way you are? More chubby dating tips, visit:

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