Choosing a Treadmill (& 3 Top Considerations)

by Jamie I. Straight Up Search
choosing a treadmill uk

Choosing a treadmill is important if you want to get fit and stay healthy. 

You should also consider the cost, track size, motor power and other features.

Choosing the best treadmill for you will help you achieve your fitness goals and keep you motivated.

Let's dive in!

Motor power

Among the various parts of a treadmill, the motor is the most important. A strong motor can help prevent burnout and can keep your workout smooth. It's also more durable and will last longer.

When you're shopping for a treadmill, you should check the motor's horsepower rating. Having the wrong motor can make your treadmill not work properly, causing expensive repairs. You should also check the motor's capacity. Unless you're a seasoned treadmill repairman, you should get an expert to install your motor. The cost of hiring an expert may be higher, but it's convenient.

The power rating of a motor is calculated by how much horsepower the motor produces while running under the rated conditions. The higher the rating, the stronger the motor. However, this rating can be misleading. In reality, the motor's power will not exceed its rated power for very long.

A motor's peak power is the motor's maximum power when it is at full speed with a heavy user. It usually lasts for about 10 seconds.

For walking or jogging, a 1.5 to 2.5 HP motor is enough. For a marathon, a 3.5 to 4 HP motor is needed. You should also look for a motor that has a continuous duty rating. These motors deliver smoother performance and last longer.

If you're a sprinter, a 2.5 to 3 HP motor is ideal. It is also a good idea to look for a treadmill with a continuous duty rating. This will prevent you from running on a treadmill that is overpowered and causing damage to your motor.

If you're a jogger, you should choose a treadmill with a 2.5 to 3 CHP motor. This will allow you to jog several times a week without running on the treadmill too fast.

If you are overweight, you should upgrade your motor by 0.5 HP. This will help keep your treadmill from requiring expensive repairs.

If you're using the treadmill for multiple users, you should look for a treadmill with a continuous-duty horsepower rating. A continuous-duty rating is more accurate than the horsepower rating.

You should also look for a treadmill motor with low RPMs. Running at high speeds can cause a motor to burn out quickly. It's also important to keep your weight within the treadmill's limits.

Other features

Whether you're looking for a treadmill to help you lose weight, build muscle or just get in shape, there are some features that are important to look for in a machine. Aside from the obvious features such as an adjustable incline and heart rate monitor, there are other features that may be more beneficial to you.

For instance, a treadmill with built-in speakers can play music louder. There are also some models that come with built-in fan systems that blow cool air at the same intensity as your workout.

Another feature that might be a useful addition is a built-in MP3 player. There are also many treadmills that come with a built-in HRM (heart rate monitor). These monitors can help you stay in your optimal heart rate zone, which can help you lose weight.

Another good feature to look for is a built-in drink holder. Some treadmills also include an integrated tablet holder. Having an attached tablet holder lets you watch TV shows and browse the web while you're exercising.

Other features of a treadmill that are important to look for include adjustable speed and an easy to read control panel. Make sure that the controls are easy to reach and operate, and that they are clearly marked. If the controls are difficult to reach, you might find yourself tripping or using unnecessary energy.

A good treadmill should also have a safety key that is attached to the console. This magnetic key prevents the treadmill from shutting down during a workout. It can be attached by a pin or clamp.

Lastly, a treadmill with an impact control system will help protect your joints and joints from jarring impacts. Some models also feature iFit technology, which can recreate outdoor runs using Google maps.

Before you buy a treadmill, make sure you're aware of all the features that are available, as well as the warranty. A good treadmill should have a warranty that is at least 10 years. Also, you should look for a warranty that includes parts and labor. It is also a good idea to buy a treadmill with a lifetime frame warranty.


Buying a treadmill can be a great way to start an exercise routine. These machines can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, and are available for all budgets. However, before purchasing, it is important to consider how you plan to use it.

If you plan on walking or running, you don't need a huge motor. Instead, look for a treadmill that is suitable for medium-level jogging and running. If you plan on doing more than just walking or running, you should look for a machine that is more durable and has more preset training programs.

If you want to buy a treadmill, you should shop online. Many manufacturers offer discounts and consumer protections on their websites, and they usually deliver the product to your home. You can also check out treadmill reviews to determine which model would suit your needs.

If you plan on using the treadmill while watching TV, check out models with built-in TV screens. Some treadmills even have touchscreens that allow you to use your tablet while you work out. Other special features include water bottle holders, on/off cushioning, and workout fans. These features are also available in higher-end models.

In addition to built-in screens, you can also buy treadmills that come with Bluetooth connectivity. These devices will sync with third-party apps to provide more workouts, and make your workout more engaging. Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that is becoming more common on treadmills, and will likely become standard in the near future.

If you plan on doing a lot of training, you should look for a treadmill that has multiple incline levels. The more you spend, the more incline range you will get.

If you plan on using a treadmill for weight loss or fitness, you should look for a machine that has built-in speed and fat loss monitoring. Some treadmills are also equipped with live classes that allow you to work out with other users. Many brands also offer split payments, so you can spread the cost over the year.

If you plan on buying a treadmill, you should check the motor's warranty before you make your purchase. Most motors come with a lifetime warranty. You should also check the treadmill's manual for instructions on lubrication. You should apply the lubricant at both sides of the belt, and walk for a few minutes to make sure that it covers all of the belt's parts.

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