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by Marc T. Romero Business Consultant, Marketing
Parenting absorbs another irony as teens and pre-teens move off to the range of summer acting camps, in order to learn the arts of creating real-life character dramatizations. Script analysis, language and diction, the relationship of actor to camera, lighting, sound, stage design, TV versus 16mm film versus video, and much more in the latest generation of performing arts summer camp programs.

What Goes Into A Child Actor LA Summer Camp? From a high-impact high-intensity weekend workshop summer theater camp of Child Actor LA to 2-week long arts programs, your budding teen stage or screen artist gains small group highly personalized instruction in the creation and delivery of believable performances projecting entirely new characters. Truthful characterization, the immersion process that results in a young actress totally absorbing a learned role, means overcoming shyness through instruction, while adopting the physical and psychological attributes of a newly acquired character... just like witnessing an acting session by an emerging Tom Cruise, Marlon Brando or Robert Duvall or Kate Blanchard.

Acting Camp - Writing Development. In any multi-faceted performing arts summer camp, the "total artistic" composition includes the dynamics of creative writing... establishing a plot... developing artistic tension through events and dialogue... creating characters with depth and nuance... weaving the various characters into a plot... ensuring that the film score or stage play conforms to the timing limits of the performance. All this and more adds to the creative writing immersion experience for young actresses and film makers.

Summer Theater Camp - Learning About Directing. Making Star Wars or producing weekly Comedy Central programming combines the best of creativity, scripting analysis from the writers pool, selection of actors and actresses best suited for each role, understanding and manipulation of the various staging, lighting and sound technologies, as well as creating budgets and producing to a due date time table. Teen actors looking to enter the entertainment and creative arts industries use summer acting camp as an exposure experience to learn the skills and responsibilities of directing. Rule? Know what a director knows and you'll become the very best actor you can be!

Summer Camps - Technologies Unwrapped. What's the difference between a 16mm camera, a pocket held digital camera or a video camera? How does daytime lighting... mixing artificial with natural sunlight... compare with night time stage sets? How do you create the ideal camera crew? How many people are required? How many cameras? What sort of post-shooting editing is necessary to finish an "in-the-can" theater or film project? What sorts of sound equipment, microphones and placements are available, and from how many separate input channels? The top theater camps set the foundation for future actors jobs. Just ask any Oscar winning actress, writer or director.

Scheduling, Enrollment Tips And Costs. Pure acting camps or musical theater summer camp programs more heavily focused on song, dance and dramatic theme vary on curriculum format... expect enrollments to be small-group oriented unlike a summer sports camp... enrollments typically fill out quickly pre-summer, yet for older actors and actresses can lead to all-year theater jobs. Costs vary from New York to California and spots between... estimate up to $200/day or more depending upon the location and whether leading stage and film actors and actresses provide workshops... add your travel costs... remember to throw in "spending money" for incidentals. Check to see that the summer acting camp maintains current wide coverage indemnity insurance to protect your child against unforeseen risks.

The Acting Bottom Line. Imagine the gain in knowledge, self-expression and confidence as your daughter or son completes a total immersion performing arts summer camp of Child Actor LA Institute, returning home to star in a local production, or prepare themselves for a college acting degree program or launches their film or production career!

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