Chernobyl Tours - Five Chilling Sites That You Must Visit Today

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Do you know the incident of Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion that took place in 1986? Well, the incident (i.e. one of the worst nuclear disasters) was an absolute destruction that eventually deserted the entire area and its nearby town.

But, the 30km deserted and desolate zone is now open for tourists. Nowadays, more than ten thousands of travelers annually visit the exclusion zone to reveal the nitty-gritty of this area. Visiting this site can be a truly fascinating and intriguing experience. For your reference, this article will reveal five chilling sites of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone that you must visit today.

Chernobyl excursions

1. Reactor Number 4.

The reactor #4 (the culprit of this entire devastation) is now covered by a concrete sarcophagus. The government is planning to construct a new sarcophagus in order to replace the existing one and permanently seal it off so that the reactor can't emit any more radioactive materials. The reactor number # 4 is now a major highlight of Chernobyl excursions. As a tourist, you are allowed to get as close as 200-meter from the sarcophagus and explore the site.

2. The Red Forest. During the explosion, the nearby pine forest absorbed heavy radioactive dust. An area of 10 sq. km of the forest was deeply affected by such a massive radiation. Most of the pine trees died by absorbing high levels of radiation and ultimately turned into ginger-brown color. The area now features a lush and unique wildlife habitat.

forest of Chernobyl

Obviously, the red forest of Chernobyl has an amazing and unconventional beauty. But, do not go deeper into the red forest as the place is considered to be highly contaminated with radioactive materials.

3. Pripyat. There is an abandoned small town near Chernobyl. During the 1980s, Pripyat was a model town of the Communist ideals. The town housed around 50,000 plant workers and their families. The thriving city has now turned into an eerie ghost town where you will find lots of deserted buildings, such as Pripyat palace of culture, school, hospital, and residential homesteads. You will also visit the amusement park of Pripyat which is stacked with swings, merry-go-round, bumper cars, and Ferris wheel etc. All of these facilities are now rusting away.

Chernobyl tours

4. Vehicle Scrap Yard. The vehicle scrap yard is another interesting highlight of Chernobyl excursions. The area features a wide collection of irradiated emergency vehicles, for example, ambulances, trucks, helicopters, and fire tenders etc. You may not be allowed to gain an entry in this vehicle scrap yard as some of these vehicles may be still carrying lethal amounts of radiation. But, Chernobyl tours will take you to the collection of desolate ships in its city harbor instead.

5. Duga-3. The Duga-3 is a radar that was used as missile detection system. The gigantic steel construction of this radar measures around 100m in height and 460m in length. As a part of your Chernobyl excursion, you will get an excellent opportunity to visit this place.

The Final Verdict. With this, you have revealed "Five Chilling Sites of Chernobyl Tours That You Must Visit Today". Each of these sites features their own unique yet eerie beauty. The uncanny and spine-tingling atmosphere of this exclusion zone and its surrounding town (that are now frozen in time) is really hard to explain in words. But, if you are an avid traveler, you will surely be charmed by the mysterious beauty of this abandoned place.

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