Carrom: A Brilliant Board Game for Unlimited Fun

by Radha Lakshmi Blogger

Carrom is an indoor sport that is played in every home. It is one of the best board games and offers unlimited fun. We have a few reasons to make that claim, and we will discuss them in detail. It is a unique game and the rules and strategies used in the game are also quite impressive. Be it carrom online or offline; you will surely have a great time playing it. Let us help you understand a few facts about Carrom and how it provides a thrilling experience. 


Carrom-The Board Game


Carrom is one of the board games that have a lot of rules, and yet it’s super fun. From sitting position to the position of your striker, everything needs to follow a rule. For example, your striker needs to touch both sides of the baseline, and you cannot cross the imaginary arrows on both ends. Your elbows cannot enter the playing area or other player’s playing area.


Well, this sounds like too much at first, but it is straightforward. The only way to win the game is by pocketing all your Carrom pucks.


Let us move on and understand why Carrom is a brilliant board game with near-infinite fun.


Carrom Offers Unlimited Fun


Carrom is not just a game; it is full of twists and turns. You can look at Carrom from more than one aspect. Here are a few things that will convince you in believing that Carrom is a board game with near-infinite fun. 


Aiming is fun & thrilling

As we said, there is only one way to win a game of Carrom, and that is pocketing your carrom pucks. Your aiming skills hold the top priority in Carrom. If you look at it, you would know that mastering aiming skills takes time. The wait between the coin being struck and the coin reaching the pocket is thrilling, and we doubt you would want to miss that. 


Utilize your Math and Physics Knowledge

Be it an online carrom game or offline; you should know the significant concepts of Force and Geometry. You have to control your force while striking the striker. Even a minute error can cost you a turn.


Similarly, playing trick shots or any shot on a square board can be tricky sometimes. Therefore, knowing your angles well can help you play the right shots. Using these two concepts in tandem is a fun experience that will help you to enjoy and win the game.


Trick shots

Trick shots are played in Carrom to make sure that you score the carrom puck that seems difficult. Playing successful trick shots are fun and encouraging at the same time. The better you control your striker, more is the probability of winning the board. Be it a side shot, cut and take shot, or a board shot; each one of them is a trick that should be played in a certain way and situation.


A family game


Carrom is one of those games that can be played by any age group, and that’s why it is known for being the best family game. Everyone can enjoy the game equally, be it your grandparents or siblings. Isn’t that fun?




Wait till the end


The game is not finished until the last coin on the board is pocketed. If you miss the last turn, the chances of your opponent winning remain 50-50. The reason is, every coin your opponent pockets, he gets a new turn against that. So, if he keeps pocketing, he keeps getting the next turn.


Carrom is a game of skill, and one cannot win it if one does not possess the skill. If you have come till here, you would have already realized that be it online Carrom game or the offline one, this board game in real sense is a near relatively infinite fun game.


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