Car Accident: Driver Duty

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All states have in place statutes that govern what is expected of a driver in the event he or she is involved in a car accident. Each driver has a duty that he or she must fulfill in accordance to such statutes when an accident occurs. This article looks at the basic requirements in respect of the duty each driver has in the event of a vehicle accident.

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When a car accident occurs a driver has the duty to ‘give information and render aid’. A driver involved in a vehicle accident resulting in an injury or death to any person, including other drivers, passengers, pedestrians or road users, has the duty to give information in respect of their name, address and vehicle license number.

Another basic duty each driver has is to stop at the scene of the accident. While this does not necessarily mean stopping at the point of impact, it is important that a driver ensure his or her vehicle is in a safe place, where traffic is not obstructed. Thereafter, the driver if able to do so must render aid to other involved in the accident. Though the driver may not have medical experience, he or she ought to give reasonable assistance, which may include calling emergency services or making arrangements to have the injured person transferred to a physician or hospital for medical attention, if such is required for their injuries.

In respect of accidents which occur and result in death, personal injury or substantial bodily injury; it is required that the driver stop immediately and remain at the scene of the accident until the driver fulfills the following requirements:

  • Provide his/her name
  • Provide his/her address
  • Provide the vehicle license number

This is to be provided to any injured person involved in the accident or to the driver of the other vehicle.

Accidents which occur and result in property and or vehicle damage require the driver to stop immediately and remain at the scene until the driver fulfills the duty of providing his or her name, address and vehicle license number to the person involved in the accident.

Where an accident occurs and results in damage to an unattended vehicle or unattended property, it is a requirement that the driver stop immediately and attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle or property. A reasonable effort must be made to locate the owner. Upon locating the owner, the driver must notify the owner of the damage to the vehicle or property. The driver must further provide, his or her name, address and vehicle license number.

If the driver or owner of the damaged vehicle or property cannot be located, after reasonable effort is made to locate them, the driver who caused the accident or damage must attach a written note on the damaged property or vehicle in a visible place. The written note must outline the circumstances that led to the accident and the name of the driver who caused the accident, the name of the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident, the license number and address.

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