Cannabis vs. Hemp Oil - Differences Explained

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The terms hemp oil and CBD oil have become regular terms for people today! Especially for those who believe in the therapeutic and healing benefits of Cannabis. But the two oils are different in their composition and after-effects. Till date, some people use the two oil names interchangeably.

Today, you can have access to both these oils online! One of our favorite sites that specialize in the Australian hemp oil scene is which has a ton of great info on these products. You need to research the websites extensively before placing an order. There have been instances of counterfeit websites selling duplicate CBD and hemp oil, which can boomerang and land you in more trouble.


Hemp oil and CBD oil – The difference


There's ample difference between hemp oil and CBD oil in terms of its uses. Some of the important ones are as follows:


Facts about CBD oil


·         CBD oil primarily gets used in the alternative, new-age, and holistic wellness arena. The oil helps to restore the balance of our internal systems. On the other hand, hemp oil mostly gets used in skincare products and edibles.


·         The CBD oil that gets sourced from hemp carries an increased amount of CBD and a decreased amount of THC content. It is generally below 3%. That makes it perfect for getting used for therapeutic and healing purposes. It doesn't have any mild-altering elements that THC is famous for.


·         CBD oil has proven helpful for curing people with conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, tension, pain, and other chronic diseases. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is known for addressing issues like skin rashes, skin irritations, and irregularities.


·         Some athletes make use of CBD oil to recover from muscle cramps. It helps in better pain management.


·         CBD oil is also helpful in promoting better sleep! It is available in the form of topical, capsules and tinctures. Today scientists are carrying out more experiments to read about the influence of CBD. You can expect better outcomes and discoveries in the future.


Facts about Hemp oil


·         Today, Hemp oil is a massive success in the cooking space! The oil is high on increased nutritious value. It has made hemp oil stay for long on health food store shelves.


·         Hemp oil is known as a superfood for many people. It gets used in healthy smoothies.


·         Sometimes, hemp oil acts as a suitable replacement for olive oil.


·         Hemp oil is a popular choice in the cosmetic industry. It is an essential ingredient that gets used in lotions, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, toners, and the like. The fatty acids in hemp oil help in correcting skin conditions. The oil also helps your skin to preserve moisture.


·         Hemp oil also gets added in plastics, paints as well as lubricants. It acts as a suitable replacement for any petroleum-based oil.


These are some of the apparent differences between hemp and CBD oil. It is essential that you read through the differences and then make a purchase. That way, you will know about the oil uses and applications better.

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