Can You Smoke Kratom?

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Today, Kratom has become one of the most popular smoking alternatives to many dangerous recreational substances. However, it is important to realize that smoking kratom is much like taking any therapeutic drugs. Therefore, one must take proper care and precautions before engaging not only with kratom usage practices but also with other consumable drugs. But, can one actually smoke kratom? Let’s find out.

How to Take Kratom?

Originally, kratom was chewed and not smoked. With a lot of refinement, kratom leaves were turned into smokable cigarettes. However, both smoking and chewing kratom leaves produce the same noticeable effects. Given that kratom comes in leaf form, one can also prepare tea using them. But, preparing kratom tea requires a lot of effort. Today, one can find kratom in the forms of capsules. These capsules are easy to carry and the dosage is carefully measured for safe consumption. The powder form kratom is also vastly popular. Consuming powdered kratom can taste bitter if it is not mixed with anything. Most people prefer consuming kratom in capsule or tablet forms.

Can You Smoke Kratom?

Not many people agree with the fact that kratom can be smoked. Kratom is easily to light up, yet there isn't much documentation whether smoking kratom actually works. However, there are reports from Southeast Asia, where kratom leaves grow in abundance that these leaves can be smoked. But, there is a catch. When trying to smoke kratom, most of its ingredients are rather burnt quicker before one can even enjoy it. Since this is the case, those who smoke kratom have to be careful to up their dose to compensate for the waste that is produced from burning the leaves. In short, kratom can be smoked, but you’ll need lots of it to enjoy it.

Why Would One Want to Smoke Kratom?

One of the major reasons why one would prefer smoking kratom is to overcome addictions and drug habits. Kratom does not have any side effects and therefore one cannot get easily addicted to it. One can easily replace kratom for any other smoked drugs or substances. Kratom doesn’t contain any harmful and addictive substances, yet produce the same soothing effect on the human brain and body. All types of kratom are known to alleviate emotional and physical pain. Therefore, kratom is also sometimes called ‘mood enhancers’.

Should One Smoke Kratom?

Let’s take the above factors into consideration before answering this question. Smoking kratom requires one to burn a lot of kratom leaves. This means more wastage than the desired result. Now, some may argue that one may resort to smoking powdered kratom. However, even with powdered kratom, the result is the same. You need to burn a lot of powdered kratom to get any desired result at all. Smoking kratom requires a lot of effort, which may even agitate a person trying to gain anything out of smoking the leaves. Moreover, if one resorts to smoking kratom, they have to carry a lot of kratom leaves, which makes portability an issue. If none of this bothers you, you may very well go ahead and smoke kratom.


Most people consider smoking kratom is a bad idea. However, we don’t think the same. We look at the picture from a broader perspective. If someone wants to smoke kratom, they can do so. However, we have highlighted the problems that one may face when he chooses to smoke kratom. At the same time, we also look at people who choose to consume kratom in capsule and powdered form. Capsule and powdered kratom is easy to carry and store. If you are looking to buy kratom products online, visit our website at

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