Can Dumping Syndrome Actually Help Towards More Weight Loss

by Sagarika Das Writer and a Fitness Enthusiast

Obesity is becoming a global threat lately. Thankfully with the emergence of the effective weight loss procedure such as obesity surgery. This method is highly effective and has only one now side effect, the dumping syndrome. It affects about 5% to 7% of people undergoing weight loss surgery.

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Dumping syndrome makes people pass the food from their body, within 30-40 minutes after eating. This might sound oddly uncomfortable, but the people who experience them, actually don't complain about it much. Let us understand it with the help of a case study of one such patient.

Mrs. Ajanta Mahanty, availed weight loss surgery when she was clinically termed as obese. Mrs. Mahanti, got herself checked when she started to feel breathlessness even with light household work. She was evaluated at the doctor's clinic multiple times and the duodenal switch was finalized as her suitable procedure of obesity surgery.

The surgery was conducted, by following all the guidelines. After 3 days of the surgery, she was allowed to go home, when she didn't show any signs of complication related to surgery. After coming home, she religiously sticks to her diet and exercise regime, which instructed to eat solid food only after 5-7 days. When she started with solid food again, she discovers, needs her to use the bathroom, within an hour to empty it all out.

At first, she was frightened and consulted her doctors right away, after evaluating for 4-5 days, they confirmed it is a rare case of dumping syndrome. She was ensured that anything symptoms will pass in some time. But by that time Mrs. Ajanta was no longer complaining about it so much. It turned out the quick, urgent visit to the bathroom, right after eating high calories food helped her psychologically to avoid such food items. In turn, it was actually helping her eliminate extra calories.

As a result, she dealt with her case of dumping syndrome quite effortlessly. She is now losing weight effectively. Se is not the only patient who did not mind having to deal with dumping syndrome. This happens mainly because dumping syndrome occurs mostly with consumption of the kind of food which is, either way, a bad choice for post-obesity surgery diet. Thus, this works as a positive reinforcement towards a healthier choice and overall, more weight loss.

Moreover, the dumping syndrome is a short term complication that resolves on its own after some times of the surgery.

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