How Prevalent Postpartum Weight Gain Is?

by Sagarika Das Writer and a Fitness Enthusiast
Motherhood is a wonderful experience but it can also bring some unwanted complications along with it. Weight gain is one such complication. postpartum weight gain is very prevalent among new mothers. Sadly, many women availing weight loss surgery in later stages admitted they encountered the issue of persistent weight gain since childbirth.

Mrs. Priyanka Bhatt, a mother of a 5-year-old, shared a similar story. Priyanka had been a slim woman since her childhood. Even until the time she was pregnant, she enjoyed the fact that her body weight never excessed the normal BMI range. But sadly things changed for worse, since the time she conceived. During their pregnancy period, she started to gain body weight, but it was assumed to be normal as she was carrying a baby. She had an overall healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth. But even after 6 months of her the childbirth, she still could not fit back into her old clothes. Instead, she was buying her clothes in the next size.

Amidst her busy life as a new mom, she paid very little attention to how much she was weighing. It was not until 3 years later when her husband started to notice that she was snoring while sleeping lately. At first, they both assumed it was due to her being extremely busy in her everyday life. But even when it did not improve, they consulted a doctor, just to resolve the snoring. Upon check-up, they were informed that Priyanka was overweight and also had a high cholesterol level. It was a likely possibility that soon she will become obese if not controlled the body weight immediately.

A concerned Mr. and Mrs. Bhatt soon decided to do something about it. Despite her busy daily schedule, she joined a gym and started to pay attention to what she was eating. After a year and a half, finally, she was able to shed significant pounds, for her to be healthy again. She is all set with the determination to never lose to tricky weight gain again.

Many women share similar stories, but not everyone can make it on their own. Often women give on their commitment to losing weight effectively, due to a busy life. Moreover losing weight is not as effortless as gaining weight. Especially amidst everyday busy lives and role as new mothers. The hormonal changes during the phases of pregnancy and nursing the newborn contribute more towards excessive weight gain.

Thankfully, many effective obesity treatments are available these days. Weight loss surgery is one such effective procedure that is helping many individuals all around the world. These are some surgical techniques that make either temporary or permanent changes in the digestive system of the individual. These changes ensure the obese or overweight individual eats in a much lesser amount of food after the surgery. In many cases, the procedure also ensures that the body can no longer absorb all the nutrients from the semi-digested food. Overall it ensures significant weight loss and also helps to resolve other obesity-associated illnesses.

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