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In case you haven't been to the dentist lately, I'm going to tell you what every dentist repeats, every time: It's super important to preserve your natural, original teeth - or if it's too late for that, to make your dentures last as long as possible.

I know, having consistent bad breath can make you want to just give up and replace them all - but there are other things you can try first.

Remember, no dentures, no matter how good, will ever be as great as your original, natural teeth - and with the right dentist, there are much easier ways to treat bad breath.

Unfortunately, while we're often told how important our teeth are, we're rarely offered any options that can help... aside from brushing and flossing of course.

If you've tried that, and you still have bad breath - don't give up.

Instead, go to the Anacapa Dental Art Institute - because Dr. Jivraj and his team are all about taking care of your natural teeth, and making them last a lifetime. They're experts at biomimetic dentistry, which is the practice of using the least invasive, least damaging techniques to provide the maximum strength to your teeth and keep them healthy as long as possible.

I'm not an expert myself, so if you want to hear how it works, straight from the dentist's mouth, just stop by their website at

You may be thinking, "this sounds like normal dentistry, isn't that what they all do?"

I thought that too, but then I dug just a little deeper, and the difference became obvious - it's all about how they perform the procedure, and which technique they choose.

Let me give you an example though - a cavity.

A common issue most people face at some point, that can cause terrible bad breath, with several ways to treat it.

Depending on the severity, most dentists will start by cleaning and removing all the damaged bits of tooth, which can often lead to needing crowns, or if the damage is extensive, a bridge. With biomimetic techniques, the dentist will still remove all the damaged tooth - but they'll do so very carefully, to ensure they only remove the damaged bits.

It sounds similar, I know, but with biomimetic techniques, the whole point is to leave every bit of healthy tooth they can, so that they're making it stronger, rather than weaker. Compared to the traditional option, which is to remove a whole bunch of the tooth - just to be safe - and then probably cap it with a crown.

Here's the thing - this sounds really, really expensive, right?

Like one of those specialty services where, if you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it?

Well, here's the neat part - it is a bit more expensive than "traditional" dental work, but not by as much as you might think, and it's 100% worth it. With biomimetic dentistry you'll save more of your natural teeth, and require less dental work overall - so that's a win-win.

You could easily end up spending less money by getting biomimetic care and preserving your teeth for life, than getting standard care and shelling out for dentures.

What if your big concern isn't preserving your teeth, but fixing that bad breath?

I hear you, sometimes you don't even know the cause - but the effect is obvious, not to mention embarrassing. That's what the experts are for though, right?

At the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, they combine a common sense approach with uncommon skill, and an incredibly advanced, in-house dental laboratory, to offer the best care, every time.

By which, I mean that they won't just find the cause of your bad breath, they'll find the best way to fix it, and prevent it from coming back.

Sure, you could go to any random dentist for your bad breath - but you could also eat a TicTac.

If you want to attack the problem at its root and get the best care - it's got to be at the Anacapa Dental Art Institute. It's right in the name, they're not just fixing your teeth, they're maintaining the beautiful artwork that is your smile.

Also, they offer several sedation options for wimps like me, and use the latest, coolest technology - though they refuse to make "pew pew" sounds for me when they use the laser.

Maybe they will for you - it couldn't hurt to ask, but first, why not see if this biomimetic dentistry is right for you? Just check out

Anacapa Dental Art Institute City: Oxnard Address: 2821 N Ventura Rd Website Phone +1-805-988-8985

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