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Roxycodone is a narcotic agony reliever. It works by deadening the pain acuity center in the brain. It may also affect the other functions of the body. This medicine is used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The medicine can be used before the surgery to diminish the patients’ fear and pain. The medicine is also used for other health issues, determined by your physician. The adults usually take 10-30mg tablets of Roxycodone in every 4 hours. The dosage, quantity is adjusted by your doctor according to the severity. If the pain increases and there isn’t relief in pain, then contact your physician immediately.

It is basically a Narco pain reliever medicine, and also named as narcotic.

Side effects

Asthma and breathing issues patient should avoid this medication. The medicine can slow down your breathing process. Avoid over-dosing or misuse of the medicine. Don’t crush or chew the medicine, take it as a whole to avoid the hazardous effects. Few common side effects, that a patient can experience are;


         Breathing difficulty




         Fever, etc

Uses of the medicine

The medicine is prescribed to normalize the severe pain. It is mostly used before the operation to reduce the fear and pain.

How should Roxycodone be prescribed?

A user can get medicine in forms of capsules, long-acting pills, tablet, liquid, and concentration solution. These are all oral forms. Usually, capsule, tablet, concentrated solution and liquid forms are given to be taken with or without the meal every 4-6 hours as needed. The long-acting medicines can be taken two times in a day. Follow the instructions provided by your doctor.

Addiction possibilities

The medicine’s abuse mostly starts without the user knowing that they’re producing a physical or psychological dependence. Individuals eat medicine for a long time.

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