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Saturday, 10 December 2016 | MYT 4:16 PM Harith Iskander wins Funniest Person in the World competition by terence toh ... Read More


WELCOME TO OUR LAUNCH! THERE IS $20,000 UP FOR GRABS! WANT SOME? We hope you are as excited as we are about the launch of Pages @ bitbillions . You can earn HUGE commissions VERY FAST if you activate your subscription and take advantage of our $25... Read More

Login and Win Contest

Jindal Bullion dealt a trump card that includes a new Silver Coin Giveaway Contest in which a user stands a chance to win 10g Silver Coin twice a day just by logging in. Jindal Bullion is one of the leading names in precious metals. We have already connected to many leading jewelry houses and other ... Read More

GBBG Bitbillions Skype Room Update

In the run up to the launch of the GBBG Bitbillions Profit Pages, the preparations for future rapid expansion is now put in place as reported by ou CEO in the GBBG Bitbillions Skype room.On 14/04/2016, at 23:05, David Ruebush wrote:"Everyone - I have spent the past 2 weeks migrating GBBG from a ... Read More

Formsbirds Is Now Holding A $500 Scholarship Contest And Awaiting The Winner

As a comprehensive forms-searching engine, Formsbirds has strained every nerve to fulfill itself and makes people who are in need of different kind of forms having the approach to their wanted ones, for there is an undeniable fact that forms are becoming increasingly important whether in daily l... Read More

How to Find Reliable Source to Buy Votes for Online Contest?

Today, there are lots of societies, institutions, clubs or associations creating online contests. This online contest comes together with rules and regulations that allow the voters to access ballot via internet whenever they like or wherever they are. Buy votes for online contest can cut back the f... Read More

Ways to collect Facebook Online Contest Votes

Fb perhaps most dependable informal communication locales which a few valuable individuals could utilize and harvest a few advantages. One can discover rewards accessible on Facebook. A vital thing that clients can start to play the Facebook page is Facebook challenges. You will discover heaps of me... Read More

Contest Play and win prize..

Hello friends ....How are you..?I Have a contest for you..please play and win prize.. I hope you like it.. #Contest link. Face Off Contest StepsKeep Playing and Keep Sharing..!!MAXIMUM SHARE + CORRECT ANSWER = LAPCARE FACEOFF MEGA PRIZE WINNERLapcare In... Read More

5 Facebook Sweepstakes Campaigns That Are Simply Amazing

  Many online business have embraced the use of sweepstakes campaigns on Facebook to gain more fans and exposure. If you like to win free products, than this article is a must read for you. It's surprising that there are so many sweepstakes out there where the chances to win are ... Read More

Buy Bulk Facebook Application Website Online Contest Votes Signup Photo

Buy Bulk Facebook Application Website Online Contest Votes Likes Signup Photo Do you want to win online contest in which you are participated with highest number of votes. Are you looking for most trusted seller who can supply you quality votes.. Contact Us at http://www.onlinebulkcont... Read More

Buy Bulk Online Contest Votes & Facebook Application Votes

Buy Online Contest Votes & Facebook Application Votes We are Best at giving Bulk Online Contest Votes Service. Assuming that you are in Online Contest and require votes contact us.we will give you our Best Service.  We will guarantee you to get most astounding votes in the challenge ... Read More

Free Platinum Bitcoin Robot Prize Giveaway

Bitcoin Robot Sold Out!Win a Platinum Licenses of the Bitcoin Robot ( worth $498 )Although I don`t profit from it I just didnt want to hold this from you :)Anna Pavlova, communications manager over at the bitcoin robot lab..Next to being a real hottie she will be in charge of making sure you guys ... Read More

5 Simple Ways to Make Cleaning Funnier

Cleaning is rarely fun, even more, often it is a long and boring household activity. However, it is a necessity and we have to do it on a regular basis to keep our home in proper condition. I know housewives hate it, but if you change the way you think of it, there is a high chance to ma... Read More

Ayo Ikutan Kontes Humor JOKES.WEB.ID

Ayo Ikutan Kontes Humor JOKES.WEB.ID. Semua orang perlu menggunakan profesional kesehatan dan jasa sepanjang masa hidupnya. Adalah penting bahwa orang melakukan kunjungan rutin ke dokter mereka, dokter gigi dan profesional kesehatan lainnya untuk pemeriksaan dan untuk mengawasi kesehatan mereka.Sara... Read More

You can win fabulous prizes just for sharing!

Complete just 5 Social Shares and Earn 50 PointsSIGN UP HERE FOR FREE Top Point Leader Gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card 2nd Place Gets a $50 Amazon Gift Card 3rd - 5th Place Gets a $25 Amazon Gift Card Earn 10 Points For Each Visitor To Your Unique Referral Link Earn 50 Points For Eac... Read More

A Progressive Outlook, Elegant on the side

Guess what Volkswagen is giving away in this contest?Be the fastest person today to WIN Volkswagen Merchandises before it's too late!Take part in this contest now to win these merchandises from Volkswagen!Here's what you don't know about the Volkswagen Golf:Elegant on the sideThe neat line of lights... Read More


You might be interested in least my daughter thinks so :)Brent Coppieters and Russell Brunson just launched the contest ... and ALREADY have 2 winners...The rules are simple. FIRST - get 25 people to join the DotComSecretsX membership site for $1 SECOND - they ship you a ... Read More

WorthReferral Contest Winners

Tweet WorthReferral Winners:Tweet #WorthReferral We reached the 1000th review on WorthReferral few days ago.Now we can announce WorthReferral Promo Contest Winners.Thanks all for participating and congratulations to all Winners.1. - 10000 Credits (worth $45.00)Mircea GetExcellence http://www.ap... Read More

APSense Tweet Challenge Winners

APSense Tweet Challenge WinnersAll Winners tweeted all messages, joined APSense Challenge Eventand submited "Done" message. If not the done message found,the date of the tweet was predominant.Congratulations to all Winners !5000 Credits (worth $23.75)Christian Eckardt Read More

APSense Tweet Challenge - Contest

Tweet to @APSense Rules- Anyone with Twitter and APSense account can participate- We start on Monday Mon, 30 Apr 2012 07:00 Eastern time (US & Canada)- Every day one tweet required (7-day challenge)- It is important to tweet as written under (#APSense @apsense)- Join the APSense Tweet ... Read More

Enter to win some Environmental Booty!

It is almost Earth Day 2012! How would you like to win some green, planet friendly products? Environmental Booty is hosting an extremely lucrative give away to help us be more planet friendly every day. You just have to enter this one! With over a thousand dollars of prizes, its hard not to get ... Read More

Who is irreplaceable in your life

Capture the best moment of your life!You can never replace what matters most: the people you love, be it your family or friends. Allow Great Eastern to capture the best moments of your life through a priceless photo session with Asia’s top celebrity photographer, Russel Wong. To win this lifeti... Read More

We’re rewarding you even more!

Do you drive or know anybody who drives a VW Polo, Golf or Passat CC? VW is bringing one of these lucky owners to the Home of VW – Germany! If you own one of these cars, you probably already know it’s a rewarding experience to be the owner of a sweet VW ride. It’s about to get even swee... Read More

And we have a winner! Someone gets a three month free upgrade on eZineSpace!

About 6 weeks ago we announced the eZineSpace Subscriber Spree Sweepstakes.  Most ignored the opportunity but a handful actually took part.  We had a three way tie for first place.Since we had a tie the winner was picked at random by drawing the name out of a hat.  Really high tech st... Read More

X Factor - Finalist of 2011

X Factor has finished its 2011 audition round and announce the Finalist in all four categories. Although it seems to me little bit unfair when they decided to further cut and some of very good singers washed away in the process. Here are the details about them. Gary Barlow will Mentor... Read More

Ran out of phone credits at 2am?

Ran out of phone credits at 2am? U can now top-up while surfing the net, on your mobile phone, or even at ATMs! Try out the Top Up Adventure game where you have got the power to manage your friends' top-ups. The more the top-ups, the more points you will get. Collect the most points and st... Read More