Blocked Drains and Toilets

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Hi all I just wanted to post a small article about the importance of blocked drains and toilets.  When this happens it can be annoying but it can also cost you lost money if anything goes wrong. Signs that you have a blocked toilet or drain can be hard to find sometimes, however, some of the tell sings can be:

·         Strange smells that are hard to locate:

  •        Cleaning does not clear the smell even with disinfectant
  • ·         Stagnate water
  • ·         Drains, Sinks or toilets that the take a long time to drain
  • ·         Strange sounds when you flush of release water
  • ·         Water overflowing form basins sinks and toilets

It’s important you know you have a blockage so it’s important to be vigilant and bee on the lookout as blocks can glow rapidly and can lead to other unwanted costs. If at all you suspect you have a blockage it might be best to call a plumber and ask a few questions. Most plumbers are likely to give you some quick advice over the phone and it they can’t, they would likely come out for a small nominal fee to check out the problem.

Now you may encounter all the problems above and not have blockage this is a possibility. However, this may be a result of a larger problem such as incorrectly installed pipes.  This is more prevalent in older homes where building standers were not actually followed. However, plumber and plumbing standards are much better than what they were 30 or 40 years ago.

What you can do to prevent a blocked drain or pipe:

The first line of defence is you. You control what you pour down your sink, where you plant your trees and which tradesmen you use.

What you pour down the sink.

What you pour down the sink plays a large part in your drains and toils blocking. So it’s important that you watch what y you through. As a rule of thumb, only human waste and toilet paper should ever be put down the drain. The key causes of self-caused blockages are:

  • ·         Wipes – Wipes generally contain a film that prevents breaking down. Also, wipes are designed to absorb water and maintain their structure.
  • ·         Oils and cooking material – Facts are the worst kinds, the type that is liquid when heated and sold when cold is the worst of the worst. If you ever pour them down a drain you almost guarantee something will back up.
  • ·         Cotton buds – Can get stuck and build up over time fusing with each other and other things
  • ·         Nappes – Nappies are designed to retain moister and not biodegrade  Tampons – tampons by their nature absorb moisture also the cored on them can get caught on things.
  • ·         Paints and solvents - Pains can line the inside of your pipes causing this to become stuck and solvents can corrode your pipes over time leading to other problems
  • ·         Food scarps. This is strange but I see it more often than not don’t put food scraps down the toilet
  • ·         Kids toys – Don’t let your kids play with toys while they are in the toilet 

Tree roots break pipes

Plan where you are going to put your trees! Large tree roots can break through foundations in your hose but most importantly they can crack your pipes. When planning you need to know the maximum size the tree can grow, that will give you a guide to as to how much the roots grow.

It’s given that if you chop down a tree the roots will need the leaves to grow. However, mere pruning may not limit tree growth. Trees are like an iceberg to your pipes it’s not what you can see that will sink your pipes it’s what lies below the surface.  Consult an expert before you plant your trees and ask how far the pipes can grow. A little planning upfront can save you save you thousands.

Pick the right tradesmen.

See our section about selecting a local tradesperson. However, as the old cliché goes “Your home is your castle” When building, make sure your builder uses quality plumbers prior to buying ask to meet them and ask for independent inspectors so you know what you are getting. Pipes laid on the wrong gradient may not clear correctly leading to blockages. Always ask your plumbers for guarantees on their work and references.  A little diligence upfront can lead to.

This goes for any repair or upgrades work too. Poorly completed work can lead to lots of problem down the track. Make sure you don’t let a person under your house that you would not let inside your home.

Regular toilet and drain maintenance

Make sure you keep your toilet and drain maintenance up. This is an important set to keeping healthy pipes! Inspect your toile every 6 months open the lit on the toilet and flush a few times if you see any parts are functioning correctly or corroded then replace them immediately parts that are not working.

Get a plumber out to clear your pipes and do an inspection on a regular basis. This can spot any potential blockages early. If spotted early you may be able to prevent blockages from building up and clear the build-up before it becomes a problem.

Keep your toilet clean. You can use some mild cleaning agents like vinegar to wash away build up. Try steer away from chemical solvents as repetitive use can damage your pipes. Also, make you use new toilet brush when cleaning the toilet. Old brushes that have bristles that break can scratch the bottom of the basin. This can lead to corrosion over time which can result in cracks and shorter usable life for your toilet.

Plunge your toile and sinks constantly. If you notice that water is draining slowing this is when you need to start plunging your toilet and sinks. This can help clear some already built up blockages 

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