Beyond Responsive: The Design and Development Trends for Versatile Marketers

by Manha Ali I'm a writer.

One of my friends recently asked me to review and describe a series of recommendations for the SEO-based Digital Marketing Agency site. We discussed the content and suggestions (usually good) suggestions, then we came here:

"* Mobile phone calculates for 53% of your traffic, we recommend making a responsive site for mobile devices, Google looks good on your site on different devices so that you use responsive design. "

This is one of the key points of making a "responsible website", which has a small repair and a series of perspectives, as well as "build a new home with modern specifications" for the home inspection.

As a marketer, we need to understand that this advice is not enough. We do not help anyone provide general statements with any help that targets or not targets. Google may advise the answer, but that does not mean that it's the only option, or it's always the right choice. Although this is the right choice, we must understand how to respond well.

If we ask people to interpret their website, we will look deeper than the same point in a 20-page document. This means that "Google will reject your responsibility," and it can be better than doing so. It has also got an opportunity to help customers create great websites with the best user experience.

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It is appropriate if you are not familiar with the intention of architecture, design, user experience and/or website users. Not just mentioning a big the project, just like Google's business, if you want to say everything, "thank Google for making a responsive website".

This article tells us how the company manages the future of the web, it does not matter how good or bad it is. My goal is to help professionals from SEO, Content Marketing, and other digital marketing professionals, who have to speak mentally, about movement, and design and development trends.

Do Not Follow the Crowd: You Run the Risk Using Windows 8

Windows 8 Disaster tells us about key conflicts designed. For many reasons, it's a disaster, but I see that those people joke Windows 8, they begin to start the same mistakes on their website. For those who never use Windows 8, let me know it's very bad.

·         Navigation has escaped to "modern" (or "modern" or otherwise) to achieve modern simplicity. It has big icons, there is no clear way to create more click icons. Official users hate it.

·         There are many useful features and options that most people are not hidden in the secondary navigation. Windows 8 can create new and interesting things, but many people do not know because they are not ignored.

·         Users do not know what they want to do. Avoid using the menu and buttons to support a wide image of the application icon. Common features, such as start menu, control panel, and file search, suddenly move to a non-standard location. Every month, thousands of people go to Google to find simple solutions, such as removing computers and to start searching. It's funny

Three years later, we watched the web for the users under Windows. A small hamburger is reduced on the menu table. Do not Do Windows Like it removes users from desktop computers. It is important to click twice or twice instead of the user to find the menu you want. Do not make any mistake: You are not a Windows. Nobody will ask how your site navigation works. They just look second.

Let's see the error example on the Windows 8 website. We are going to grow up. Let's go to Honda

This happens when you apply design trends and try applying it to your company's website, regardless of the user or because you entered your site. What does this website sell? Dream? Cloud stock image the text of this page can be placed on almost any commercial website in the world. Honda launched full windows 8 on its company's website.

Exceptions: I do not care about Honda because I know they'll keep moving from here, like my CR-V (I like it).

Obviously, I'm not continuously expanding on a desktop in the Main Navigation menu, but I have made a mistake in a dirty menu.

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As far as I know, the company produces engines, boats and large aircraft parts. Many parts of your business do not mean that all parties get this attention. Honda should be one step back and ask users when they go to the site and feel that they cannot meet all expectations, especially if they want to keep their design simple.

How is the game

Toyota and other rivals know that most users visiting the site have to find a car or find a dealer. Both Honda and Toyota are competitive places, and both companies sell industrial engines. But Toyota is considered to be mostly users looking for big brands, and racing aspirations "Google Racing." Looking for There is also a link in the footer.

Except to avoid rules that I can call on mobile design can be a design company. This is a big ship's website. This is a design agency that knows more about the network than ever. This is a good website and I can sell them. Do not copy them. Unless you are a design agency, do not copy the design agency's website. Honda, I'm talking to you.

When a user visits a design website, he wants to know the company's skill. Design agencies such as bug ships are interested in promptly displaying and selling their design capabilities to consumers. Essentially, works as a complete page of homepage sales and product pages.

I SEO / Marketing / Creative Agency has created creative websites designed and asked because they are not interested in their SEO services. I've seen product manufacturers that use a number of hamburgers menu + logo designs, and have trouble selling products that do not appear in the first image. This is what you copy the best kids.

If you do only one thing, then it only understands to show one thing. In Amazon case, good design is very different. Amazon offers millions of products and does not want people to click on categories, select bad classes, lose or disappoint. Search functionality is important for large sites: Therefore, the search bar is not very beautiful on all Amazon pages.

Direct user intention with content elements and landing page content. Show them unknowable without browsing or searching your products and services. Find the content and make sure you have an easy click on what the user wants to do on your site. See how to design with medium design.

Simple for medium publication: Users want to read posts that they already have, and focus on reading on the website's design. You will not accept reading or sharing as long as you are unable to read. Most of the action is at the bottom of the call articles. Now, look at the home page.

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Smart when a session starts in a publication, wants to read it. So, tell them the news! When someone comes home, their intentions will vary. Give them options that are not hidden behind the hamburger menu. Show them what they can do.

Identify whether the user wants to know about the elements or view and lighten these elements on the site. Do not copy web design like web design, because you are worried about Windows 8, especially on desktop, by separating large users.

So, how do you know who your customers want to see?

1. Run a Survey on the Page

The best way to understand what people are watching is to ask them. Often do not disturb popups, but if you just started, it's worth listening to them. Ask people when they visit your site. We use corridors, but many easy-to-use tools can be applied instantly.

If you already know what people are looking for, you should know their basic ideas before purchasing. Is their value more important than electricity or quality? If the price is most important for your buyer, the design cost should be higher.

2. Use Division Test to Understand Intentions

There are many reasons for running a distribution test, and the focus should be on conversion. The problem is that sometimes we only focus on the best conversion version and forget to ask why.

We use your own, it's great. We also use our pre-trial test, test pages, result links, and the reasons we win. Then, if we are in conclusion, we will try to consider its effect.

·         Where can we make a mistake in a failed version?

·         If our user's requirements are correct, will the other pages be affected?

·         Can we prepare to resolve the consumer issues? Is there a key page or a description?

The use of a single test result on the site is a bit dangerous, which usually leads to more tests. After three or four tests, you can make minor changes without distribution, so you can do the next big test.

3. Review Market Parts

Find the user's mental position by placing the market parts. Do not confuse market acquisition with the product that the user is trying to buy. Instead, use the users to understand what other users are about. This is a website that we are developing, for example:

So, how does this affect our home care website? Real estate, what jobs, hotels, new cars and household goods are usually? These are all the things they need when they move. If we are concerned about this, our website must have clean messaging and navigation options for those who travel. It may be a good idea for mobile guide content. If we focus only on people who want to buy, then there are occasions that are not felt.

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Some Websites Do Not Have to Return to Mobile Websites, it does not Matter

It is said that Google "likes" offers awards to negative websites with responsive design and high search rankings. I do not agree with the other point. Google likes sites that offer users what they want, without their technology.

Yes, Google recommends responsive design. I also do, but I do this because it is a very easy way to maintain multiple devices and keep the most difficult way to get into trouble. It does not mean that this is the only way, and Google will not punish the web site in a different way to provide a high-quality mobile experience.

There are many benefits to the mobile website. In some sites, the mobile user's intentions and behaviour are completely different from desktop user intentions and behaviour that validate the creation of specific mobile experience. It also supports the target loading site's purpose.

You should respond quickly to your site, but it has many reasons that answer sites may slow down on mobile devices. Animated and mobile sites can be made both quickly and naturally. Specific sites for mobile devices can also provide an ideal experience for the current user's intention.

In July last year, Cindy Crow talked about Mobile in his speech about "Mobile Intention". It looks like a business, but mobile users are in different places in fact. They will not try again. They want to buy immediately or get immediate details of the product.

If you plan to create mobile websites, make sure many people are ready to create and maintain it. Do not reduce development time to work properly for a website. You'll need to know about setting up the marked SEO and, ideally, make sure the mobile site has the same URL structure. You need to be assured of many quality assurances that all types of pages are handled correctly.

Some SEO says that SEO subdomains or mobile sub-developers are also worse because they link to a link that is not considered second. The awareness is aimed at tagging it rel = "canonical" and rel = "rise". As you do not care about redirects that are not www prescriptions from www 301, some things make a big difference, but they are not as important as they are. Google is smart enough to understand what's going on unless you apply them correctly.

Design for most companies is always a better option, but there is no reason to teach it. Google has three reasons you offer three options. Mobile websites can be made according to large companies and are often the best option for large e-commerce sites.

Web Development Continues to be Released, Including JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is a place where SEO often analyses. Looking for better search engine optimization can be found to show as many people as possible. As long as necessary, SEO should not be used to limit the useful tools for making content.

SEO's the traditional strategy is always to avoid content in JavaScript that we want to find robots. This is old advice for the 2015 website. Libraries such as rackets and fingers can be incredible devices. They are fully functional and fun to use, which is faster and more responsive to your site.

If Google wants to get a positive user experience, JavaScript can help web site owners provide the best user experience, then SEO JavaScript must accept. The time to change your viewpoint of the help teams is that instead of pressing JavaScript on the web, use your devices correctly.

Although the right and corner can make their dynamic content more interesting, they use many client-side performances as AJAX, and Google does not really understand it. Developers and SEOs need to know how to work.

AJAX Sync with Google may be your own information. Actually, very good news. Google also offers great instructions. You can also see relevant resources. A Little Alert: There is very old information on this topic.

·         Google: AJAX Search Guide for Webmaster and Developers

·         Google: AJAX queries

·         Google: AJAX applications search

·         Built-in modification: Basic concepts of JavaScript, JS JavaScript Framework (applied to other frames)

You can use a series of elements like Premier or V8 to handle a wide range of technical references. Try searching for an instrument that can automatically create a version of analytics by using AJAX. To find a solution, contact your a developer that is in compliance with your settings.

A Humbling Example

As I said, there is good communication with developers before building. I will take the example of a painful experience. We have developed only one device according to the opinion which initially needs their internet speed. It instantly redirects all visitors to a URL with the tag, and the rest are behind the topic tag. You cannot search the text without executing the client.


We build a great tool and then hide it. Someone shot him who left it ... but not to tell anyone that this is me. We use React.js here, it's great. We also appreciate users. Here's a lesson to avoid teaching and avoid using ajax. The lesson for learning is that as soon as possible developers know the SEO's needs. The repair work will be completed soon, but it will take longer because due to this the needle is complete.

All SEO works to understand JavaScript on Google. Other digital marketing experts should be aware of the minimal, potential issues and technical solutions.

I like fast and useful interactive tools. SEO is important to promote the construction of great things. This means that finding a solution will help, which does not stress on all the resources that are widely used in the modern web.

Do not Forget to Apply the Application

Google can now index and rate apps and define clearly how to do this. It is possible that companies with a special mobile client base do not require a traditional website.

Most companies still want to create and manage websites, but still, believe that responsive websites cannot be the best option for small mobile developers. There may be a good option to add content and chat links, and then support deep links in the application.

Even if the application is not the right option, then it seems that the content of the application can bring people more interested in those who have already installed. For example, a forum discussion forum might work better in the application. If users never miss queries or complaints related to similar updates about the latest updates, they will definitely feel more attractive and expensive.

Final Thinking

When you present your design on an advanced management system, the web site can look well when it gets away, but if the original manufacturer, the user does not know what cheeseburger menu, then it will not be very popular. Image emotional design on earth is a good option, usually the right option, but this is not the only option. I hope this article can help you understand well-being.

I'm not sure that the answer is dead. I mean, if our advice comes from design and development, then we will be able to provide more specific advice. Not only create sites that match the size of the screen. Build a website that meets customers' needs

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