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by Entony Savchenko Email marketing

Hello everyone. We are going to dedicate this brief essay to the one of email marketing keystones. You guess right, no eCommerce strategy is possible without a certain number of contacts in the company database. So we need to collect them in each possible way. 

Possible and legal, to say more precisely. As long as “black” methods like buying third-party databases are rather dangerous than helpful, we won’t give you these bad recommendations. We shall only review legally clear ways — asking visitors and clients to leave their email addresses.

One wonders, therefore — is it easy? Let’s look at some stats. Fresh research made by Statista witnessed that in 2021, about 320 billion emails are being sent every day. In small scale terms, each user receives on average 120 emails. Rhetorically asked: do people really want to share addresses and add more inbox emails to the existing amount?

In such a situation, we have to do our best to grow our databases. Let’s explore seven basic methods of effective contacts collecting.

1. Discounts

A win-win method to collect addresses. First of all, people like discounts. No matter how rich is client, he or she is always glad to save some money. That’s why leads are more likely to share their data for discounts or coupons. We all know that reducing prices doesn’t cause losses: quite the contrary, we get more customers and growth of sales.

Secondly, we don’t lose anything even when a discount/coupon is not used: in any case, we still have a new contact address. Use it later for the lead engagement.

2. Lead magnets

Maybe this is the best practice to grow a contact list. In a nutshell, we provide potential clients with some useful content in exchange for the contact data. Lead magnets are typically arranged as pop-ups with varying content depending on viewed products/services. Then, continue the implementation of lead magnet tactics in automated email campaigns via modern HTML email template builders and ESPs.

We can use thematic studies, checklists, guides/manuals, webinars, interesting videos… all types of actual content are welcome to be lead magnets. Of course, it requires effort and a creative approach, but you will build a professional reputation and grow customers’ trust in reward.

3. Quizzes

According to Forbes researches, the popularity of interactive digital content is constantly growing during the last 4 years. So it’s quite logical to use this opportunity and turn interactivity into an efficient eCommerce tool. In particular, for database growth purposes.

Look at this example provided by Privy service. Everything is simple: a newcomer can turn the fortune wheel and win a discount. The only required condition is… Right, insert the email address into the respective field.

4. Mailing list itself

Surprised? Yes, the database is able to grow itself. With our assistance, of course :) How does it work? We mention how big is our contact list — and after such a piece of impressive information, we offed leads to join it by subscribing for mailings.

The key condition: inform people clearly about the benefits they will get. Special sales, exclusive content, club membership… everything works. 

Technically speaking, this method is implemented via pop-ups, special landing pages, social media, etc.

5. Optimized sign-up forms

As we mentioned above, people are not too much tend to share their personal data. On the other hand, modern eCommerce strategies should be personalized and even hyper-personalized, just look at the New Epsilon stats. Therefore, brands often oversaturate their sign-up forms with multiple fields.

But in practice, such a questionnaire often scares people away. That’s why we recommend you to add one or two lines: “Enter your email address”, and optionally “Enter your name”. Right, addressing by names still works.

This way you’ll get a new contact. The rest of the required personal data you will easily collect via your welcome and onboarding emails.

6. Integrate emails and social media

...and start this integration with the “Subscribe our newsletters” button on socials. People often find our brands there when they surf Instagram or Twitter searching for goods/services they need. Why not provide them with an option to subscribe to our email newsletters? 

Again, mention the profits. Say that subscribers will be always aware of your fresh news and recent updates. And be sure to immediately send welcome/onboarding messages to the new-subscribed lead. Thank them for joining, be polite.

7. Events

Take part in thematic events. Organize your own conferences, webinars, masterclasses, exhibitions, workshops, etc. Even despite the COVID-19 pandemic, events are still held in the world. 

Do you know that companies typically send their representatives there, and equip them with branded merch? We mean pens, stickers, writing pads, and other stuff. Visitors like to collect such items. Add your URL address where people can subscribe to your newsletters.

If you organize the event yourselves or send a speaker to the big conference, use your presentation to collect addresses. Add the signup link to the final screens, and inform leads that subscription is the convenient way to explore the topic deeper.

Summing up

Email addresses in your database bring lots of various benefits. Right, contacts collection requires efforts and a creative approach on your behalf. But in reward, you can convince leads that are still in doubt, lead them deeper through the marketing funnel, retain clients, and make relations more meaningful. 

Just remember that contact list growth is only a part of success. We should provide actual catchy content to keep people engaged, not letting them unsubscribe. So always remember to craft interesting, professionally designed newsletters.

I sincerely wish you hundreds of loyal clients!

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