Best Practices for Law Firm SEO

by Kevin Smith Author
If you’re already utilizing SEO, good for you—you’re one step ahead of many! However, if you haven’t noticed any real change in your website rankings or in your website traffic, it may be because you’re doing it all wrong—or the firm you hired to do it for you is doing it wrong. There is a right way and a wrong way to do SEO. One law firm SEO expert has offered to share some best practices with you to make sure that any money you invest in further SEO efforts pays off. 

Keep It Real

Unfairly or not, lawyers have a reputation for speaking in tongue—or, rather, legalese. While it is true that they spent a lot of time in school learning all the proper terms and phrases for their area of law, it is also true that most people—especially those who need a lawyer—do not understand law jargon. When it comes to your website information, keep it simple. Don’t talk down to your customers, but don’t assume that they know what terms like “statute of limitations,” “alternative dispute resolution” or “de facto” mean, because chances are, they don’t. If you want to generate leads, you need to help people, but you can’t do that if you speak in a language they don’t understand. Keep it real and you’ll be fine. 

Report on Major Events

Corporate scandal. A major celebrity divorce. A mass murder. These are all news events that lawyers can use to create engaging and relevant content. However, don’t steal the news story and paste it to your own website—that will only serve to get you penalized, as it’s a major no-no according to the law firm SEO expert. Rewrite the story, and close with how you can help others in a similar situation. (I.e. “Were you arrested for laundering money? Reach out to our criminal defense team today!”)

Promote Thought Leadership

When people need a lawyer, they look for someone who knows their stuff, not someone who has the catchiest slogan. If you want your SEO efforts to be successful, focus more on becoming a thought leader than on developing creative advertisements. While you shouldn’t forego ads entirely, they should not be the heart of your marketing campaign. 

While there is a lot more to SEO than speaking in laymen’s terms, reporting on major news events and promoting thought leadership, doing each of these things can significantly help to boost your website rankings. To learn more about how you can increase your law firm’s rankings, reach out to a law firm SEO expert near you.

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