Best Order To Deep Clean Your New Home: Guide For Bronx Apartment Movers

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You know what they say: You never know what you have until you clean your home.

Which is very true - and very funny until it's a stranger's home you're moving into. You really don't wanna be discovering skeletons five months into your lease.

So before you get comfy in your new home, be sure to clean it. Even if you're moving into a brand-new home - there were still other people walking around. First of all, someone had to build it. And second of all, other people probably showed up for home showings or open home events - and that's a lot of foot traffic.

Which is why, while you may want to just unpack all your stuff, arrange your furniture, and watch Netflix until you fall asleep, you shouldn't. As much as we all hate cleaning, it needs to be done - and it's best to do it while there's nothing in your way.

If you don't believe me, then listen to the experts. All of the information in this article comes from a free guide written by moving specialists over at You can check it out yourself, just click here.

I'll go over the essential tips, but they have the whole process covered; plus tons of other useful moving guides - from how to pack fragile belongings to how to drive a moving truck. Overall, a great resource whether you're DIY-ing your move or hiring professional movers (I'll get to that part in a bit).

✓ If You Have Time to Lean, You Have Time to Clean

I understand, moving is stressful. Once you finally get to your new place, you really don't feel like going full Monica Geller.

But here's a worse scenario: Say you don't clean up before unpacking, then you'll have to clean all that stuff, plus move it around to reach all areas of the floor. Not to mention that the floors could be filled with dangerous debris that could damage your belongings or even cause injury.

And then there's the other worse scenario: Say you don't clean up, at all. Would you be able to live in a home that was previously occupied without deep cleaning every inch of it? Didn’t crime scene documentaries, Hoarders, and other television nightmare fuel teach you to be extra disgusted by other people - or are you normal? (That's a rhetorical question.)

The point is, an empty house is easy to clean. A fully furnished house, as you well know, is a hassle to clean. And, we're not discussing the third option any further - because ew.

✓ Done & Dusted

Okay, I'll just assume that since you've read this far, I've convinced you that you need to clean your home before you move in. So now that we got that out of the way, let's talk how.

The moment you walk in, you'll probably notice dust, dirt, and debris - so that's where you should start. To get rid of all that stuff, you'll need to dust and vacuum the home, in that order. This is important because when you dust some of the dirt and dust will inevitably end up on your floor. So once you get to the vacuuming part, you can take care of that.

Once that's done, you can get your surface cleaners and disinfectants to clean the floors, doors, windows - whatever you need to. This will give you that "new home" feel and smell we all love so much.

And before I forget, another important tip: You always wanna start your cleaning from the top and work your way down - just follow gravity.

✓ Ways to Make Moving Easier

Look, if you don't wanna do any of the cleaning, you can always just hire professionals. And same goes for the moving part - if you want to kick back and let the experts take the wheel (both literally and figuratively), go for it. But make sure you choose the best company you can find. can help with that - they can provide you with up to seven quotes from local movers, for free.

That's it, folks! Happy cleaning - and remember: if you're listening to music while cleaning, the toilet brush is never a good substitute for a microphone. City: North Brunswick Township Address: 1596 U.S. 130 Website Phone +1 866 343 1243

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