Best Moving Estimates For High-Rises, NYC Binding/Non-Binding Mover Rate Quotes

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Did you know that not all price estimates are created equal?

Let me give you an example - $70.

That's how much I'll move your apartment for, real quote - of course, it's a non-binding estimate, so...

It could go up by several thousand percent by the time the truck arrives.

That's a little ridiculous right?

It sure is, and while I exaggerated a bit in my example, similar things have happened before.

That's exactly why, a free online resource with more information about moving than you could pack in a 17-foot U-Haul truck, has built a new guide all about estimates.

It breaks down the 3 different types of estimates that are common in the moving business, what each one means, and what you should look out for, both good and bad.

In case you haven't noticed, this is a guide to the guide - which is a little weird, but that's ok because you can read the original ultimate estimate guide, in full for free, just click the words.

Or you can stay here, and read my short version - that's cool too, but let's get started.

First, we want to talk about a binding estimate. This option allows customers and companies to lock in a rate, but the guide explains that it can have negative repercussions for either party. While this type of estimate does lock in the price, it can sometimes result in one party feeling cheated if the situation changes or unexpected issues occur, which may result in more or less work, at the exact same overall cost.

For example, if your stuff ends up weighing more than they expected - you pay the same price.

However, if your stuff ends up weighing less than they expected - you pay the same price...

It's not the worst solution, and there are certain reasons the price can be adjusted after the fact, but if you want all the details you'll have to get them from the full guide.

We're jumping right to the best option for most consumers, a binding not-to-exceed estimate.

These are similar to binding estimates in that they lock in a maximum rate, but they allow for the minimum to be adjusted, so the customer can potentially receive a reduced rate, but not an enlarged one. As you might imagine, since this means the rate can go lower but not higher, this is a favorite of customers, and not of companies.

While it's sometimes possible to get one of these estimates, I wouldn't count on it - they're pretty rare. If you do get one though, make sure it's legit, well-documented, and locked in.

The full guide explains it all, but here are a few of the steps you should take. Start by getting the estimate in writing, attached to the bill of lading, and make sure that the details are thoroughly explained in the quote. It should state clearly that it is a not-to-exceed estimate, and that the final price will not exceed the amount listed in the original quote.

Now, I guess we need to talk about non-binding estimates.

They're the most common, easiest, and also most dangerous, and I'll explain why.

Since these estimates are entirely open to change, in some situations they have been used to suggest extremely low rates, which rise to expensive rates as soon as the move is complete. This isn't to say that anyone who offers you a non-binding estimate is a scammer - that's not true at all. This type of quote is very, very common - it just needs to be taken with a grain of salt, is all.

On a final note, the free ultimate estimate guide explores ten questions that you should ask a moving company to help determine if they’re a good match for the job. It also provides details about the free estimate service, which uses a single form to provide up to 7 no-cost estimates from local professionals.

Just remember, the cost isn't everything, especially when a quote isn't locked.

That's alright though, because still has you covered - check out their website to see reviews from other customers like yourself, for all the top local movers.

If you still have questions, concerns, or a deep need for more free guides on getting your stuff relocated -

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