Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air and Home Decoration

by Neha Sharma Health is wealth

Plants are an essential part of the environment. Without these, we can't survive because from these plants we get oxygen. These are the best ways to keep our environment safe and clean. If you want to make your environment neat and clean then you need to grow these plants. It is not important to grow the bigger plants; with these little beautiful plants you can make your home and environment clean. These little and beauties do not require a huge area or space, you can grow these little beauties in your living room or in some corner of your house. Some scientists say that if you choose the right air purifying plants for your home and environment then you can detoxify the air in your living spaces. This will give some meaning to your houseplants, they not only look lovely or beautiful but they also clean the air for you to breathe.


Some Air cleaning Studies say that there are a number of air-purifying plants are available and they look fantastic and they are capable to detoxify your home from the toxic air, dust, and germs that are found in your house in the various products, materials, and furniture. Some more studies of air cleaning also say these air purification plants are very efficient in clean the air quality inside your house and if a number of these indoor plants work together then they will clean the air quality up to 94% of your indoor house air. Nowadays these plants are in trend and few interior designs also including these little air-purifying beauties in their designs. These indoor plants give you some trendy and modern look to your house.  If you choose the right indoor plant for your home decoration then it will enhance the surroundings and also give you clean air to breathe. To give your home a healthy breath and modernized look we are having a list of the best air-purifying plants.


·        ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are very beautiful to see and it requires less water as compared to other plants. This plant doesn't require regular filling of water, if you neglect it then also it will grow well.  These plants don't require much sunshine. It will grow well in indirect light. You can adjust according to the bloom scape.


·        Rubber Plant

This plant is also having amazing looks and this plant can live in bright and indirect light. Water consumption is also very less. When the soil is dry then it is advisable to give water. These plant are the best natural air purifying plants. So always keep this plant near your seating area and enjoy the fresh air.

·        String of Pearls

This plant comes in the category of climbers plants which need some space. This plant grows quickly has lengthy strands of pearls. You can leave this plant in bright, indirect light and some water which helps to keep the soil moist. This type of plant requires hanging pots.

·        Pilea

This plant requires bright and indirect sunlight. This plant requires some attention while giving water. If we put more water then it will not able to grow and alive because this plant is having a "drench-and-dry" approach.  This plant is having unusual round leaves that make a dramatic impression, so it's best to keep the pot simple in the miniature garden.

·        Sweetheart Plant

The most adorable indoor plants which come in little heart-shaped. We are also known as Hoya kerrii. You can get this plant either a single leaf-cutting or a whole trailing plant. This plant requires little care. It will grow well in light or direct sunlight. Its perfect place in the house is near to window where sunlight is more.

·        Snake Plant

The requirements of these snake plants are indirect light.  When the soil gets fully dried then is required to give a little bit of water. You can put this plant in the hall and you will see that the corner of the hall will become very interesting.

·        Air PLant

This is an elegant plant and these plants can grow anywhere. The requirement of the plant is bright and indirect light. You do not require giving water. You can just soak them into the water for 10 minutes once a week that will be perfect care for this plant. Terrariums are best for these plants. You will get different types of air plants, too, which is great if you like your plants to have variety.

·        Cacti

These plants survive in only natural light. And it does not require much water. Just once a week water will be sufficient for this plant during the spring season but in summer it requires water after every two days. And in winter it does not require water, just once a month is good for this plant. You can decorate these cacti plants in the terrarium with small and big cacti then it will look amazing.

·        Aloe Plant

The Aloe plant loves to stay in the sun and it requires water once a week. It is advisable to give water when the soil is dry completely, but if required in between then also you can put some water. You can keep this plant in the tall pot. If you want to show some creativity, paint the pot. Its leaves can be used for beauty purposes also.

·        Kentia Palm

This plant needs Sunlight and regular watering. You can keep this plant indoors so that its palms can happily grow. This plant requires a humid area and requires less maintenance. You can also put this plant in the dining room which gives a dramatic effect to the room.

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