Benifits of Home solar power systems

by Sharad Jaiswal Senior Software Engineer
Home solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular as they help the average person to help clean up the environment on a "micro-level." While the installation of solar panels on one home may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, imagine what a difference it would make to global pollution levels, if even one out of fifty home-owners installed clean and renewable energy systems, to replace or reduce their dependence on the power grids. And, while solar power installation does often require an initial investment, it can pay off financially in the long run. New laws on net metering, tax credits, and other government incentives, help to make this possible.

Many people have been able to install solar energy systems in their homes by setting up the systems themselves on a DIY (do-it-yourself) basis. DIY solar power kits and manuals exist which allow you to set up a solar power system for a fraction of the usual cost.

There are numerous other ways to utilize solar energy in the home – from solar panels to solar shingles, to solar water heaters, to solar garden lights and even solar pool heaters. In many cases, using solar energy for these purposes is not only kinder on the environment but more convenient as well. Outdoor solar lights, for example, don't require any cables and can be set up very quickly. This makes a big difference when you consider that running cables outdoors involves digging channels underground, setting up proper insulation, etc.

Solar-powered devices are also, of course, eco-friendly. They create electricity with what is known as "green energy," or "clean energy." In other words, electricity which is produced without harm being done to the environment and without creating any polluting by-products.

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