Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Natural Healing

by Connie Freeman Health Advisor

The Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) was practiced in Asia until the 1970s when it gained popularity in the United States for studies and research. This was the period when yoga, meditation, tai chi and acupuncture started to gain notoriety in the media. The Chinese herbal therapy is part of the TCM and the Chinese herbal remedies in Ferny Creek are quite popular amongst the Melbournians. Thousands of herbs, minerals, teas, tinctures and other herbal extracts come together to treat a disease. Let us see the benefits that patients receive from these TCM.

The Medicines Are All Natural: The herbs that are used are all natural, thus there are minimum side effects that are way less than that of modern medicines.

Identifying The Source: The modern medicine solely treats the symptoms that cause discomfort in the human body. Whereas the traditional Chinese medicine identifies the source of discomfort and aims at treating it which makes it far better than the modern allopathic approach.

Treats a Wide Range of ailments: The TCM has the cure for a wide range of ailments. Starting from chronic headaches to PMSing to addictions, it treats literally everything.

Improves Overall Wellbeing: The side effects and symptoms of modern medicines can largely be reduced with the help of Chinese traditional medicines, thus improving the overall wellbeing.

Maintains Physical as Well as Mental State of Mind: Along with healing the physical discomforts, the Chinese traditional remedies aim at soothing the mind and soul too.

Increases Focus: The main focus of the traditional Chinese medication is the source and diagnosis. Unlike modern medicines, the TCM does not generalize medicines and illness; this increases its chance of healing the disease sooner.

Improved Potency: Since all the TCM medicines are made at a lower heat they are able to retain their potency even after a long time, making it more effective.

Wider Range of Treatments: The Chinese medication offers a wider range of treatments with help of herbs, massages, food therapies, acupuncture, cup therapy etc.

Minimum Side Effects: Since the basic entity used in the Chinese traditional medicine is herb, there are very less to zero side effects.

Multiple Use Medicines: Apart from healing the physical ailment, the Chinese traditional medication helps calm anxiety, sleeping disorders and even stimulates blood and nerves.

Some of the ailments that can be cured by the traditional Chinese medications include inflammation, chronic pain, headaches, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and hormonal misbalance. It helps improve fertility and liver health too. The TCM was originated is a holistic medical system in China thousands of years ago and uses herbal medicines, mind and body practices like tai chi, massage therapy, acupuncture etc. Best Chinese herbal remedies in Ferny Creek provide bespoke TCM services to patients to enhance their mental as well as physical wellbeing.

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