Benefits of Learning Piano Lessons in Northern Beaches

by Armstrong Louis HR

In the old times, when classical musical instruments were prevalent, pianos were found in almost every household. The serene musicality of its notes and the ambience created by the rhythm used to fill the air of Northern Beaches. But as modernity came over the society, people forgot the importance of playing the piano. With time children and youngsters are growing distant from the piano and classical music. For several years, learning to play the piano has served as a method to free one’s mind and let them express their emotions in a constructive way. Many specialists name it as the best way to stimulate the mind to improve the coordination of different nerves and result in a sense of happiness.

Playing the piano typically requires people to read notes from sheet music written on a staff and find the respective keys on piano’s keyboard.

Below are some of the direct benefits of taking piano lessons in Northern Beaches:

·                     To Free Your Mind and Soul:

In the end of a long and tiring day, many people take shelter in music and enjoy some quiet time to relax. Playing the piano relaxes one’s body by uncoupling their mind from worldly stress and worries. While learning piano, people experience a refreshing change in their stress levels.

·                     Brainy Exercise and Fun:

Playing the piano is a fun exercise as defined by most therapists. It relaxes one’s mind and serves as a great exercise for our brain at the same time. The unmatched and soothing sound of a piano caresses people’s emotions. People enjoy playing the piano without noticing the exercise their muscles go through. Playing or practising the piano for 20-30 minutes is equal to a regular cardiovascular regime.

·                     Scientific merit for adults:

It’s never too late to discover one’s musical side. The most prominent advantage of learning to play the piano is that it promotes physical rehabilitation in people irrespective of their age. Adults who play the piano on a regular basis stay mentally active and build a stronger immune system. In numerous results of independent studies, piano lessons have subsequently helped in case of Alzheimer’s disease.

·                     Scientific merit for kids:

Piano lessons give children enjoyment as well as lifetime benefits. Children who play the piano are found to have less stage fright and better response to criticism. From the viewpoint of a young student, piano teachers are experts and they follow their advice wholeheartedly.

·                     Positive change in persona and development of mind:

Playing in piano recitals and performing in front of family or friends develops an individual’s response to criticism and how to cope up with disappointments.

Music notation tests a piano student to decide which notes must be played, how loud, how long each note should be held and which fingers should be used.

Playing the piano on the regular basis helps strengthen children’s academic performances, particularly in reading and coordination.

Getting a qualified piano teacher is vital in order to receive positive feedback and constant guidance that helps in maintaining natural flow in playing. A skilful piano teacher supports their students to maintain a positive perspective towards life.

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