Benefits of Artificial Grass Over the Natural One

by Ranny Watson Blogger

Gone are the days when there was no substitute for natural grass but today, the scenario has been completely changed with the invention of the artificial grass. 

Artificial Lawn - Amazing Collaboration of Technology and Art 

With the amazing collaboration of technology and art a new, more realistic and eco-friendly synthetic grasses came into existence. Artificial grass in Brisbane, interchangeably also known as synthetic grass or turf, is a popular real grass option. 

Best for Residential and Commercial Space

Artificial grass is one of the best available options for both residential and commercial landscaping, including public parks or backyards. It can also be used for professional sports and athletic fields. Synthetic turf products have been designed to reduce maintenance and cut costs for businesses and homeowners.

 Better, More Cost-effective Alternative to Natural Grass

Enhance the curb appeal of your residential and commercial space with these brand new synthetic lawns. These artificial lawns come in a variety of lengths and colors. Apart from this, it helps you to cut down the cost of water consumption and greenhouse emissions from traditional lawn maintenance. 

Maintenance-free Beauty and Durability

A heap of reasons has led homeowners to forgo the time, back-breaking labor, and cost of laying turf or seeding gardens that later succumb to gophers, creepy crawlies, climate, and dormant phases. Artificial grasses in Sydney last up to 25 years of nearly maintenance-free beauty and durability that pay for themselves in just a few months. It furnishes families with year-round, hypoallergenic,  pest-free yards that children and pets love.

Additionally, there is some synthetic turf that is made with recycled materials, expanding the eco-cognizance of installing it in lieu of natural turf. Pets and youngsters with hypersensitivities to grass and weeds also get numerous benefits from the artificial lawn, allowing them a garden to play in without drugs or misery. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of technologically enhanced artificial grass


It is very difficult to maintain natural grass during the dry climate. It requires a lot of time in fertilizers, chemicals, watering the grass, pesticides and mowing to keep the natural grass green. Synthetic grass maintenance includes:

  1. Raking, 

  2. Leaf-blowing, 

  3. Wetting, 

  4. Washing, 

  5. Hand Picking, 

  6. Deep-tinning, 

  7. Vacuuming,

  8. Sanitizing and 

  9. Treating for Weeds and Pests. 

It requires less maintenance when compared to natural. Synthetic turf has a special UV coating that protects the lawn against ultraviolet rays.


Maintaining natural grass is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of time in watering, pesticides, and fertilizing but in artificial grass, you can save a lot of fertilizers, water and pesticides as all of them are not used in it. Natural grass can cause more damage to children, and pets when compared to artificial lawns. Synthetic grass takes out Carbon dioxide in the air like natural grass.


Natural grass contains more pesticides, microorganisms, and herbicides which can cause harm to both pets and kids. Natural grass contains hard materials so it may cause injury to pets, children and even players. The natural sports field is not perfectly flat. These develop mounds, bumps, dips, holes as these are used regularly. A synthetic lawn is built on top of flat, level ground. Synthetic grass is made from softer materials, so players face fewer ankle strains, knee, and head injuries.


Synthetic turf comes in various lengths and colors. It can look like bluegrass, centipede, Bermuda. Artificial grass can look like any type of natural grass and gives a real finish. If natural grass maintained properly then only it will look green but on the other hand, artificial grass is always green.


In the beginning, the cost of artificial grass installation may be high when compared to natural grass. A year after installing natural grass maintenance fees and running costs will cost more than synthetic turf. Natural grass has a lengthy process like sow the seed, water the grass, lawn, feed, fertilizers, pesticides, etc, however, artificial grass does not have such a long process.


There are many countries that face a water shortage problem since there is no adequate rain, so it may be difficult to maintain natural grass. It requires a lot of water. But on the other hand, artificial grass remains always green and does not require a lot of water.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Say hello to the world of the new artificial lawn in Brisbane now with Surface-It.  

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