Benefits and side effects of Majun Falasfa

by Herbal Medicine Dawakhana Hakim Ajmal Khan

There are no absolute contraindications for Majun Falsfa. Majun Falasfa is valuable from the following health issues:

Side Effects

    Brain Tonic

    Nervine Tonic





    Digestive stimulant


    Gastric tonic


Majun Falasfa Indications There are no side effects observed with Majun Falasfa. Majun Falasfa is really just a Unani Medicine useful for improving psychological powder and curing kidney pain, joint pains, and bladder control problems. It acts as a tonic, brain stimulant, neuroprotective nephroprotective and anti oxidant. Hunger improves and strengthens bladder, gut, kidneys, and brain. It offers the nerves and brain with strength. It's also used to debility, polyuria (excessive bleeding ), nephropathy, back ache, gout, indigestion, and lack of appetite.


Majun Falasfa includes preparation of two things and mixing them.

Preparation Procedure


    Renal colic or kidney pain

    Arthralgia -- Joint aches

    Incontinence of Urine

    Polyuria (excessive bleeding ) -- combined with Chandraprabha Vati




    General debility


    Loss of appetite

Dosage & Administration

The Overall dose of Majun Falasfa is as follows.

Hens  5 g Twice-daily

Maximum Possible Dosage 1-5 g Every Day (in divided doses)

Appropriate Adjuvant: 250 ml Spicy Milk

Best Time to Take: 2 hours after lunch and two hours after dinner or before bedtime

Safety Profile

    Prepare Safoof: Require all herbs and kernels. Make powder of most ingredients of Majun Falasfa. Mix the powder in the number described in preceding table.

    Make Qiwam (concentrated syrup): Today, choose honey and make an answer using a thick consistency (concentrated syrup).

    Mixing Safoof & Qiwam: Remove Qiwam (concentrated syrup) from heat and add Safoof (powder mix ) gradually and keep stirring to mix it correctly. Currently, Majun Falasfa is ready for preservation.




Preserve Majun Falsfa at a glass bowl. 

Medicinal Properties The security profile of Majun Falasfa isn't well recognized for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Consult an Unani Doctor before taking Majun Falsfa through childbirth and pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Lactation

Majun Falasfa has medicinal properties. Majun Falsfa is probably safe for most individuals in the recommended dosage when accepted under professional supervision.

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