Baluchari Sarees – The Elegance and Style Since Ages

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The Baluchari Saree Manufacturers in India mainly originated in the state of West Bengal. Mostly the Indian and Bangladeshi women wear the Baluchari Saree. These sarees are handwoven using some richly dyed silk.

Along with intricate designs of motifs which depict the Indian mythology nicely woven onto the saree\'s large “pallu”. Baluchari takes almost an entire week for getting nicely woven. Mostly all the designs woven on the sarees are inspired by the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Baluchari sarees are worn as a symbol of status, class, and aristocracy. They indeed are the connoisseurs\' items.

The maximum number of Baluchari saree manufacturers in West Bengal are found in the district of Murshidabad.

History and Origin-
• The Baluchari Saree originally is from West Bengal. The Saree got it’s named “Baluchari” because the saree\'s weaving started in a really small village named Baluchar, located in district Murshidabad of West Bengal.

• Hence, it got the name Baluchari almost 500 years ago. Then later, due to some of the natural calamities, the entire weaving set up was moved to another place named, Bishnupur from Baluchar. After shifting there, due to the British rule, the industry faced a tremendous growth.

The Story Behind The Particular Type Of Designs-
• The Baluchari Saree supplier in West Bengal is very popular among people because of the intricate handiwork and designs which are made on them. It’s the Balucharee saree which uses that many mythological designs on it. No other Saree uses so many designs as the Baluchari sarees.

• The Baluchari Saree designs are dominated by the mythological stories and characters from the epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Because of these characters, the sarees used to get a royal look on them.

• Among all the other designs, the saree which depicts the story of Lord Krishna telling the story of Bhagavad Gita to Arjun is one of the most famous designs of the Baluchari Saree.

Making of the Baluchari Sarees-
• Making a Baluchari Saree is pretty time-consuming. It takes almost a week to completely weave one Saree, along with that you also need great craftsmanship. These sarees are made using pure yarns and are also hand-woven.

• Originally these sarees were woven using silk threads, but with time, now even cotton fabric us used for weaving these Baluchari sarees.

• Through Sericulture the cultivation of mulberry silkworms is done. After the extraction of silk yarns, they are made colourful and smooth by boiling in soda and hot water after that treat it with some acid colour dye.

• Now the yarn is completely stretched and string enough for being woven into one pretty saree. After this, the process of weaving and embroidery comes. There are some raw designs which are first drawn on the paper and then punched back onto the sarees.

• Nowadays the colours which are used for weaving the Baluchari sarees are cheerful and bright. A lot of organic things are used while weaving like bamboo trees, banana stems, fruits dye, flower dye, neem leaves, turmeric, etc.

The Baluchari saree is one elite saree design. Mainly the upper-class women used to wear these kinds of sarees on occasions.

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