Bad habits in kids we must stop today

by Sisschool Jaipur Sine International School
Habit is simply a behavior or tendency in our child which makes them to do some particular thing again and again sometimes even without thinking. Although some of the habits of our kids feel us happy and pleasant while some of the habits might bother or frustrate us. Most of the parents get worry about these kinds of bad habits in kids and look after the possible solutions. 

Here are some of the common habits in numerous kids along with their proper solutions which might be helpful for the teachers of CBSE School in Mansarovar with Hostel Facility take a look at them:

Spending most of the time on phone: Time is the precious thing and we have to make them realize its importance. Tell them that although they can talk with their friends on phone occasionally but regular and longer period of time not only wastes their time but also energy. Usually long talks on the phone involve gossiping which is quite a toxic habit. So in order to be productive, they have to stop using phone for longer times.

Get up late in the morning: It is good to tell that early risers always have the potential to achieve more during the day as they possess a head start over the others. In addition to this, they have the extra hours for the day as well in which the morning hours are the most productive and this is the reason School List in Jaipur CBSE start their lessons as early as 7AM.

Outside eating most of the time: Eating food outside most of the time is not only unproductive but also wastes money and spoils their health too. So we should encourage them to have the home made food by providing them the delicious and different recipes at home.

Not maintaining their laptop: A disorganized desktop is the sign of the disorganized life and most of the children possessing laptop prefer to finish their work or projects on it but ignore its maintenance. We should tell them to organize their laptop as it decrease its working speed.  

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