Back pain – Is it inevitable?

by Rock Marlow Writter & Seller

When it comes to aging back pain is one the most feared problems. Well, if you stay right here in Brooklyn, then it is not an issue. You see, you back can be divided into three regions, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. Usually weightlifters suffer from lumbar injury whereas football players suffer a cervical injury. So based on the sport you need to be cautious about that particular region of the back. This becomes crucial when you reach a certain age, when bones are no longer supportive enough. But even in any kind of back pain problems you can refer to Atlantic sports medicine.


Neck pain – Does this make your life miserable?

As we have discussed the cervical injuries already just consider neck pain to be an extension of that. Reason is pretty much same, you know football injuries, but a bad posture can also lead to a condition known as spondylitis. Unlike athletes, this problem is seen in desk job workers who sit for a long time period throughout the day. So how can you avoid it? Well regular stretching exercise may help, but even if the problem exist you may contact to Atlantic sport medicine, i.e. specialists in sports injuries.


Knee pain – Result of the daily grind

When I say grind I mean in literal sense. You see our knee joint is a synovial joint. The synovial fluid between the two bones is responsible for smooth movement of the joint.  As one grows older the fluid reduces and grinding of the bones begin and this manifest in the form of knee pain. This will cause pain while walking, squatting or even bending. But reason related to knee pain can also be different, like ligament tear or meniscus tear are some common reasons of traumatic injury.


Shoulder pain – The most difficult one to succumb

Out of all the pain discussed above shoulder pain is the least likely to happen. This is because instance of a physiological damage in the shoulder region is rare. But no one has left trauma off the radar. Traumatic injury in the shoulder region can lead to shoulder dislocation. This becomes one of the most painful damages that can be possibly done through a traumatic injury. In such an emergency orthopaedic intervention required here along with proper pain management. Even in the picture though shoulder dislocation might look quite clean, the pain is no way comprehendible.


Orthopaedic doctor – single solution for all pain

Be it back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or any pain relating to the musculoskeletal structure. Only a good orthopaedic doctor has the capability to carry out all the necessary intervention. Now is it a competitive athlete, or a layman, the treatment protocols are almost same. Although some specificity must be considered regarding the career of the athlete and there is no doubt pain threshold of athletes are usually higher. But all of these considerations are indeed presumptions that might change from person to person and that is why you need not hesitate to discuss your problems with us.

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