Autocomplete Optimization Services Help Santa Clarita Dentists Beat Competition

by PRC Agency PR

Why did the SEO cross the road?

He wanted to get hit with traffic.

Your dental practice’s website is the only place where you want to get hit with traffic, right? But if you need some help with boosting your organic website traffic, now there’s a better way than SEO.

It’s called autocomplete optimization. It delves into the heaving, boiling ocean of the collective psyche that Google autosuggestions sometimes seems to be (I mean, have you seen how crazy autocomplete suggestions can be?) to deliver up to the surface the perfect keyword phrases you need to attract more prospects to your website, and presents them – with a beautiful white smile.

Well, that’s one way of picturing it. But who is this alluring mermaid with the pearly smile?     

My Tooth Media (MTM), that’s who.

Their new services help you find the keyword phrases in your industry that your prospective clients are most likely to be searching for online. Then MTM ensures that the autocomplete feature of top search engines like Google, YouTube, and Bing fills in those phrases in the autosuggestions box when local prospects search online for your services.

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MTM offers these services because Google has been showing their hand, so to speak - they admit that about 71% of searches click on automated suggestions. So, that means when your precious chosen keyword phrases appear in Google's search box as automated suggestions, it's very likely that online users will click on them and go to your website before they see your competitors' websites (smug italics totally warranted).

And here's something else: SEO isn't the only player in the digital marketing arena who may not be bringing in as much traffic these days. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are looking a little shabby, too, in comparison to autocomplete optimization.

This latest contender not only provides a more cost-effective solution to SEO strategies and PPC campaigns but also - and here's the knock-out blow - allows you to dominate the first page of search results like a champ. And once you dominate with that keyword, you'll always dominate with it, because MTM never sells single keyword phrases to more than one client. That means your chosen keyword phrases will be all yours and nobody else's. (Again, italics justified, 'cuz when it comes to treasure, finders, keepers.)

Here's another reason you'll dominate: PPC campaigns are too slow and don't bring home enough bacon compared to autocomplete optimization. The former lures organic traffic to your website and enables prospects to find you directly, whereas poor PPC is blind to organic traffic and over time may lose its cost-effectiveness once its ads lose their novelty.

In case you need another reason: prospects searching for your practice by name with autocomplete optimization will enhance its online authority. This starts a virtuous cycle in which your practice gains more online visibility and a greater likelihood of attracting more prospects, more attention, and thus more visibility, and so on.

It seems MTM is good at forming winning partnerships, according to this satisfied client:

We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market. We are extremely happy! They deliver the results they promise.

Whether diving deep into the world of search engine autocomplete or going into the ring for you to deliver superior results, MTM gets it done!

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