Astrology Factors Responsible for Love Marriage

by Shiv Shankar Astrologer Discover the Value of Life

What is Love Marriage? 

Love marriage is as same as the marriage that happens in society but what makes it different is, that it is done with a person’s own choice and not that of his/her parents. This is what makes the concept of love marriage different because it is taken as an act of rebel, opposing, breaking of the set norms, and going against the set standards.

Love marriage is a union of two beautiful people who are in love with each other. They meet, talk, interact more and gradually believe another person to be perfect. This is all is marriage right? What all before happens in love marriage happens, after the marriage, which is fixed by our parents with the help from the best Indian Astrologer in Sydney.

Astrology Factors Governing Love Marriage-

We met several people in our lives, but we don’t think of marrying each of them. But it happens that the connection with that one special person becomes better and better with time. But how it happens why can’t we feel the same for everyone? Because they are certain planets and houses that governs the love and relationship of a person. With the help of Tarot Card Reading Brisbane from Pandit Shankar will help you gain more love marriage clarity.

  • 7th House/Lord is governed for- Marriage, Spouse, Love, Harmony
  • Moon represents the person’s emotions
  • Saturn governs the person's tendency to touch/feel things

Combinations for Love Marriage

  1. The love marriage is indicated if the Moon, Venus and Saturn get connected
  2. When there are exchange signs between the Lords of 5th and 7th houses
  3. When the Lords of 5th and 7th houses are placed together, there are possibilities.
  4. The chances of marriage increase at a time when the Lord of 5th is positioned in 7th house or Lord of 7th is placed in 5th house                     
  5. There are other changes also when Lords of 5th and 7th house combined in 5th /7th house or aspect each other.
  6. The indication of love marriage is when there is exchange in the sign of Lord of ascendant with 7th house.
  7. In the female horoscope if Jupiter has a bad influence, then the possibility raises.
  8. In the male horoscope if the planet Venus has a bad influence, then the possibility raises.
  9. Marriage between the two lovers is indicated when the position of Rahu in ascendant and 7th house is not influenced by Jupiter.
  10. When the planet Mars is posited in 5th house and there is an exchange between the Lords of 7th and 11th lords.
  11. The possibilities of love marriage are guaranteed by the top Spiritual Medium Brisbane when Lords of ascendant, 5th and 7th houses are malefic in nature, and related to 8th house.
  12. When Venus in a quadrant/trine is combined with Jupiter/Mercury
  13. There is no stoppage in love marriage when Venus is placed 5th /9th from ascendant/Moon.

Such is positioning that indicates the happen of love marriage. Additionally, it is always recommended that for proper clarity and accurate detailing one should consult Love marriage specialist.

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