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Advantages and disadvantages...

of article marketing,

There are many advantages of using

article marketing. readers, which they can convert into consumers, if the company’s articles are useful

enough for their readers.

Increase in page rank and SEO -

an advantage of article marketing is that if 

the articles are good enough,

their search results will get higher ranks. This results in the company’s whole website getting a higher rank, since those articles have backlinks to the website... Once your article is published, it stays there as long as the website is up and running, It also gets indexed in search engines, and thus with nominal time and effort, you gain to achieve a free advertising tool. and their site traffic would increase as well.

An article going viral can create a lot of advantages, 

for the company in the long run.

While there are many advantages to using article marketing, there are some downsides as well: Can be expensive - a company might need a ghostwriter to help them write a great article, that would lead customers into their website. Hiring a freelancer, can cost the company some money especially if they want to hire a really good one. The company needs, to plan to present new articles regularly, and make time to write and submit those articles on time... newspaper may use the article and

include the business's name and contact

information. Newspapers and other

traditional media have limited budgets for

gathering content and these articles may

be used in the business section of the

newspaper. Traditional article marketing is advertising a company’s article through the use of

magazines, newspapers, and any print media. (Daniels, 2013). This way of

marketing has been going on for a really long time but it is still very much useful

and still in style to this day. It still produces results in offline establishments. These directories give PageRank to the author's website,

send traffic from readers. Article directories attract search engines, because of their rich content.

This practice may have been effective in the past,

however, changes in Google's algorithms, over the years have negated the benefits,

one would have received from this practice. Both Google's Webmaster Guidelines, discouraged, if not outright prohibit, the strategy of using article directory marketing as a means to build backlinks. ===> Business Owners, Marketers and Entrepreneurs, attempt to maximize the results, of an article

the major search engines, filter duplicate content to stop, the identical content material from being returned multiple times, in a search engine results page.

Some marketers attempt to circumvent this filter by creating a number of variations of an article, known as article spinning. by way of organic searches, free traffic,

due to the listing's search engine authority... The primary goal behind article marketing

is to get search engine traffic to the article so

that the author can strengthen their authority

and influence within their field,

while also leveraging that traffic

Article marketing has become so popular

that It is common for articles to get picked up

by search engines, which allows for additional

attention to a companies website.


The key to article marketing
is that the author should be providing value

with their articles,
not just promoting their site,
products, or services


the traffic a company gains will make the

website more valuable.

This will result in other companies seeking

to pay for use of the website space

because of the larger amount of traffic

the website receives. Article Advertising medium,Digital

search engine optimization (SEO),

search engine marketing (SEM),

content data-driven marketing, e-commerce

e-mail direct marketing, display advertising,

"How Article Marketing Can Grow

Your Business". Article marketing has also moved into phone

and tablet applications also known as apps.

App advertising is a very effective form of

advertising, found that 92% of campaigns saw

clear results after advertising on Snapchat.

Facebook started banning Article marketing

and other types of free advertisements

Marketing refers to the process an

organization undertakes to engage its target

audience, build strong relationships to create

value in order to capture value in return. Digital that utilizes the internet and online-

based digital technologies

such as desktop computers, mobile phones,

and other digital media

changed the way brands and businesses use

technology for marketing.


search engine optimization (SEO),

search engine marketing (SEM),


content influencer marketing, e-commerce ,

social media marketing, optimization, e-mail

direct marketing, display advertising,e-books,

Digital marketing extends to non-Internet

channels that provide digital media, online

marketing.such as television, mobile phones, e-zine Marketing . may refer to themselves as

"electronic magazines" or "e-magazines" to

reflect their readership demographics online

searches. Article video marketing is a type of content

marketing and advertising in which business

create 30 seconds to 5-minute videos about

specific topics. An article directory is a website with

collections of articles

written about different subjects.

Sometimes article directories are referred to as content farms, which are

websites created to produce mass content,

(press releases), Article marketing has changed

as companies have moved from targeting

article directories such as

or, to

micro-targeting small audiences using

Facebook and Twitter.

companies using article marketing

to shrink their scope

and search for smaller audiences...

articles written about different subjects.

An online magazine is a magazine published

on the Internet,

Marketing refers to the process an organization undertakes to engage its target audience...

The Traffic a company gains will make the website more valuable,    Write a review

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Article marketing has changed
as companies have moved from targeting
article directories such as
or, to
micro-targeting small audiences using
Facebook and Twitter.
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